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Below, you will find a copy of the journal I kept during my transition into, and my first year of, a 100% raw, vegan diet. Some of it is quite personal, but I still wanted to share it with all of you. We may never meet in person, but I feel we are all connected in this world.I want to share my story with you, in hopes that you may learn something about yourself by reading about my journey into the raw lifestyle. Perhaps you'll be inspired (that's my wish), or learn to not make similar mistakes.

The journal begins in July of 2006 and continues into October 2007. If you are interested in reading something from the beginning, please use the archive feature at the right side of this page. If a month has more than one page worth of entries, there will be a "previous entries" link at the bottom of the page to view the rest of the entries for that month.

I have not edited my entries at all. Any entries that were originally marked private have been made public (with the exception of one that included personal information about people other than myself). Even though the entries are old, you are still welcome to add comments or ask questions. We will be notified of any comments that are left.

Again, I hope that I am in some way able to offer something positive to your life by sharing my personal Going Raw Journal.

Lots of love and peace to all of you,

I looked through my very unorganized library today, looking to find all my raw food books to start reading them, again. I was hoping I had Boutenko's Green for Life, but I guess I don't. I saw it mentioned in another's journal and it looks like it might talk about menstrual irregularities. I *must* read it, if that's the case. I think I was wrong about my cycle starting; I must have just been spotting.

Today, I am still very excited about all the fresh produce in the house! What will I end up eating today?


My husband really liked the book, Raw Food, that I reviewed in an earlier post. He picked out a juice to try from it, along with a meal he said he'd like to try. Well, he chose something that needed a bit of soaking and dehydrating. I started the "crust" of the "pizza" last night and it was in the dehydrator while we slept. I need to go down this morning to flip it over to dry for another few hours. When he saw me preparing it, he was kind of disappointed to see zucchini was used. He read the recipe, though, but I guess his mind didn't want to accept that it had "undesireables" inside what looked to be so yummy in the photo. :-P Anyway, I'll make up the "pizza" later today, but if he doesn't want to try it I won't be upset. I'm not transitioning the entire family to raw--just myself. If they want to eat things from time to time, they are more than welcome. If they don't want that, however, that's fine with me, too.

Maybe I'll start taking pics of raw foods that I make. Yesterday, as we were all eating the "burritos" and loving them, my husband mentioned that I should have taken photos. We all stopped eating for a second, contemplating running off to get the camera before we ate too much, but we decided it was just too yummy (and we were too hungry) to wait. I'll try to take a picture of the "pizza" later, if I remember.


Here's a pic of the "pizza" I made and the family loved it! It was very filling and rich-tasting (probably because of the nuts).

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After making the "burritos" and "pizza" I think I might be setting up some high raw expectations out of my family. :-P My daughter was already flipping through a raw book, saying we should pick what I'm going to make next. I don't mind making things, but I certainly don't want to make elaborate meals all the time. Just hummus and some veggies to dip with are fine with me on most days. I'd rather keep it simple, unless I have the urge to make something special.

Tonight we go out to celebrate something for our daughter, so we'll be getting some Indian food (my all time favorite food, by the way). I'll try to do raw for the day until dinner.


Just knowing that the Indian food is in the house is making me want to heat it up for breakfast. I might just do that, too. Not only will I get to eat what I was too full to consume last night, I'll be getting the cooked food out of the way. I know, I's better to start the day with fruit, though.



I'm slowly going to build up my raw kitchen. I have a Vitamix already--one of the best appliances I ever purchased (that and the rice cooker, which I guess will be collecting dust once I go 100% raw unless my husband still uses it). Today I bought my first chef's knife--a really good quality one. I also bought a new chopping board, since the one I've been using is falling apart along the edges--I guess I didn't treat the wood properly, or something. And I've been wanting a cheese slicer (the hand-held ones that are like a peeler) after seeing my friend make wonderful thin "pasta" noodles out of zucchini--so I got that for a few bucks.

What I wanted to get today was a Cuisinart Food Processor that was supposed to be on sale at Tuesday Morning for $80. The sale, I found out, doesn't start until next Tuesday morning. So, on my way out I saw something else I've been wanting--a professional mandoline slicer. So, I bought that, instead!