I'm tired today. The weather is dreary, my tummy doesn't feel very well because I ate too late last night, I woke up too early compared to the time I went to sleep, and my eyes are dry and burning. Today will most likely be a lazy day--not doing much other than reading something (probably some raw foods books) and eating some healthy food to balance what I've been eating the past two days. Also, today will almost certainly include a nap. :-)



Even though I ate things that didn't make me feel all that great, I'm not feeling any guilt about it. I ate the stuff because I wanted it at that time, and now I can see how that kind of food makes me feel. Another thing I noticed, especially after the soda the other night, is that my tongue gets a slight white coating on it, as though I have a cold, or something.

Most of all, I'm just feeling very tired today.

[edit: not so tired after eating lunch.]



* Continuing with Creative Health Institute program

* Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine



* LOTS of water--I'm feeling very thirsty today.

* Cup of soymilk

* Handful of walnuts

* One large apple

* One cup pasta

* LOTS of pesto sauce

* Huge amount of juice--carrots, beets, apple, beet greens, cabbage leaves (Yummy! No one else liked it, but I LOVED it!)