Today I feel like I had a really bad food day. I didn't eat so horribly, but it wasn't all that great, either, and I didn't feel so well until I had a good meal in the evening. We went away for a day trip to go swimming, so I ate a little junk and got a slight belly ache. Actually, I woke up with a little belly ache after drinking that soda last night. It really makes no sense to me that I would eat and drink stuff that I know doesn't make me feel well.



* 3/4 apple, chopped with cinnamon

* Small handful of walnuts

* Large portion of homemade hummus

* Handful of sesame tahini crackers

* Three-five organic saltine crackers

* Three-five organic cookies (like oreos, but cream-colored)

* Two organic ginger snap cookies

* Tofu Thai Wrap at Mad Mex (this has tofu, rice, cashews, sprouts, pineapple, tofu sour cream, and a tortilla that I don't eat) [not organic]