We have some guests in the house, so I don't want to spend too much time on the computer. So, here's just a quick update today. I have a photo to post from yesterday's lunch, too, when I get around to it.



I'm feeling energetic today. I woke later than 6:30--maybe closer to 7:30, and that feels better.



Continuing with the Creative Health Institute's program

Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine



* 1/3 quart of blueberries (YUM!)

* Small glass of soymilk

* About one tablespoon of leftover hummus with three or four crackers

* Huge mixed green salad with leftover chopped veggies from the "burritos" yesterday

* Leftover Indian dish from last night, with added steamed potatoes and green beans

* Tiny bit of caramel, but I didn't like it

* Bottle of soda (EEK!)--Sprite, I think

I had the last two things at a movie theatre. Let's see how it makes me feel in the morning. Right now I feel okay--no sugar highs, or anything. The veins in my hands, however, are very puffed out ( ?) and I am extremely thirsty.