Whoa, Pure Jeevan's Back?!

2016 update: Aha, you noticed?! Welcome. Yes, we wanted to bring the site back online again, mainly because it's so packed with articles and information. It will be a work in progress for some time, as we changed web platforms and all sorts of tech stuff. So, a lot of links are hard-coded to old Wordpress-style links... just awful. But, in time we'll get all of it back in shape. For now, enjoy clicking around and reading!

Pure Jeevan is a raw foods and raw food diet company that focuses on a holistic approach -- mind, body, spirit, and emotions -- toward overall health. Our activities include publishing daily informational and inspirational articles on the raw food diet (including raw food recipes, nutrition articles, pieces on natural health, articles to inspire and motivate, videos on all of these topics, and more); offering motivational and informational speeches, presentations, and demonstrations about the raw food diet; and providing one-on-one nutritional and dietary coaching, especially focused on raw food weight loss as part of a holistic wellness program. We are also involved in other areas related to natural health, such as live blood education.

We wish for you a love-
and life-filled vibrant existence!
Much love, from Jim & Wendi Dee

Raw food picture - Raw Pancakes !!
Raw pancakes!
Raw food pic - Birthday Pie
Raw pie!
Raw food photo - Raw Eggless Salad !!
Raw egg(less) salad.