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After making the "burritos" and "pizza" I think I might be setting up some high raw expectations out of my family. :-P My daughter was already flipping through a raw book, saying we should pick what I'm going to make next. I don't mind making things, but I certainly don't want to make elaborate meals all the time. Just hummus and some veggies to dip with are fine with me on most days. I'd rather keep it simple, unless I have the urge to make something special.

Tonight we go out to celebrate something for our daughter, so we'll be getting some Indian food (my all time favorite food, by the way). I'll try to do raw for the day until dinner.



I'm feeling good. I noticed that my face is less red--will it go back to porcelain white like when I was younger? My daughter even commented that it's not as red. Maybe it was from wheat? It couldn't have been from dairy because I was vegan for so long and it was still red.

My lower back doesn't hurt today and my shoulder only hurts a bit. My eyes aren't getting any clearer, but maybe that will come when I am 100% raw. I think going gradually raw is going to be better for me than just jumping right in like I've done in the past. I think it's building better habits this way--eating more and more fresh veggies and fruits each day. Now I don't like to go without fresh greens if I don't have to do it. I've always eaten healthy, but I haven't really paid much attention to eating lots of greens and fruits.



* Continuing with Creative Health Institute program (Ann Wigmore's videos are great--she makes me crack up every time she's in one of the videos)

* Sunfood Cuisine



* Banana

* Small handful walnuts

* Cup soymilk

* Leftover pesto (when I made it, it was really thick, so it was like a dip)

* Handful of tamari sesame crackers (there's the wheat that I've been eating off an on!)

* 1/4 of a nut cookie [not organic]

* 1 glass orange juice [not organic]

* Indian food [not organic]--2 steamed idli with coconut chutney. I was too stuffed to eat the dinner I ordered, so I only had a few small spoons of it and I'll eat it tomorrow (it was Malai Kofta)

* LOTS OF WATER to recover this evening from all the salt in the Indian food!