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Did you ever see that classic 80s movie Weird Science ? There's this great scene in which the kids attempt to reproduce their original experiment -- only something goes amiss. Then their creation (Lisa) comes in and explains:

Lisa:? ... in your race for power and glory, you forgot one small detail.

Wyatt: We forgot to hook up the doll.

Lisa: You forgot to hook up the doll.

A small, but important detail, indeed. Just as these boys forgot to hook up the doll, I forgot to add the one ingredient to this smoothie that really makes it pop:? LEMON!? Where was my head today ?!? So, as you're watching this, remember to add the juice from about half a lemon to really take this fruity concoction to the next level. This smoothie is SO tasty, you'll want it again and again. Please also let me know of any interesting variations on this that you come up with.

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On May 4, 2009, ingrid wrote:

yes! tasty. i'm on my way to sleep, but i'm considering blending that up first thing in the morning. my mouth is kinda watering which makes me want to blend it up now, but i guess i'll wait till morning. thansk for the delicious recipe.
would you add coconut oil to it if you needed a little fat?

On May 4, 2009, sheryl miller wrote:

Hello Jim,

Yes I remember that movie, Kelly Le Brock was the doll!
I have to wait till payday to get some more dates as I ate them all!
But I will be having that for breakky real soon!
sheryl miller

On May 5, 2009, Joanna_Steven wrote:

Hi Jim!
I make a similar low fat smoothie that is delicious. Here's the recipe, for 2 people, or a large serving (about 4 cups):
1 1/2 cups fresh strawberries, 1 cup frozen dark cherries, 1 cup fresh or frozen wild blueberries, 2 large ripe bananas, 4 ounces spinach. My husband loves it!
In the winter, I get all the berries frozen, and thaw them in the fridge overnight.


On May 5, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Thanks, Ingrid! Sure, any fat would go well in there. I would highly recommend a young Thai coconut, for example (water and flesh). We pretty much existed on these kinds of smoothies when we were visiting Florida & always used a couple of fresh, delicious coconuts. Or, you could use a handful of nuts such as cashews (for extra creaminess) or almonds. (If using almonds, make sure to obtain truly raw, sproutable, non-irradiated ones!). Or, as you suggest, some coconut oil would add some fat.

On May 5, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Sheryl, what kinds of fruits grow well in Canberra? From the map I looked at, that's in the south, well below the line for the tropics. So, you probably don't have coconuts in your area, right? Do they ship all the tropical goodies down from the north? (Speaking of Northern Australia, we just watched the movie "Australia" the other night. I can't seem to get that one line out of my head -- when the kid says he's going to drive those "no good big bloody bulls" into the metal ship. Time will tell if my current low fat version of raw veganism will lead to a Hugh Jackman physique!)

On May 5, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Sounds great, Joanna! The beauty of these things is that you can just throw a little this & a little of that into the Vitamix & see what happens. We use frozen dark cherries quite often. The Cascadian Farms ones are readily available here. Someday, I'd like to grow my own Bing cherries... one of my *favorite* foods on the planet!

On May 5, 2009, Joanna_Steven wrote:

Me too, I could eat bowls of them as a kid! They used to be my favorite fruit. Now I've changed, my favorite food changes with my mood/the seasons but bing cherries are still on top of the list. I'd love to grow them too. One day... :)
Keeping birds away from them is really tough though! I have a sour cherry tree (a little one) and I have to fight with them to get to the fruits :)

On May 5, 2009, Lois Kubota wrote:

What a yummy sounding smoothie. Question, how many servings was that concoction? Was that for just one or for all three of you?

On May 5, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

I think that made about 32+ ounces of smoothie. Number of servings will vary according to your appetite. (I was really hungry/thirsty, so I drank it all myself! Plus, Wendi doesn't go in much for the green powder.)

On May 6, 2009, ingrid wrote:

where i grew up cherries used to grow in everyones backyard when i was a kid and my mom told me stories of picking them and eating them for dinner. what happened to all those trees?

On May 8, 2009, sheryl miller wrote:

Hello Jim and other readers,

I haven't seent the movie Australia!
But there's a goal for you a physique like Hugh Jackman!
We get fresh fruit and vege from lot's of places all over Australia, Canberra is the capital of Australia but Sydney has a bigger population!
But the most variety and quality is up north queeensland!
I love Canberra as it's other name is the Bush Capital so you can imagine what Autumn looks like here, fabulous colours in the leaves.

We do get coconuts but you need ask lot's of questions of where they are from, we also have a few farmer's markets, organic markets where the produce is really fresh and taste's like food should.
I just follow my intuition and how the food looks as to what is best to buy, I also have a backgound in cooking.
So I think we live pretty well I just need to be consistent with my diet and make time for me in the mornings and make my smoothie's instead of toast with hummus, fresh fruit and black tea.

Must go as I need to be up early as we are in the process of buying chickens to live in our yard.
bye sheryl miller