It's farm day, today! I love going to the farm each week to pick up fresh produce! Here's what I have left from last week, since I bought so much at the store after I picked up the produce. Cabbage, few collard leaves, small amount of kale, swiss chard, tiny bit of salad greens (I keep them fresh by rinsing them every few days and keeping them in a colander with a plastic bag over it), the squash. I also have some lettuce that I bought at the store, some green peppers, a tiny bit of red pepper, one and a half zucchini, some carrots, and celery. There are probably some other things that I'm not remembering, but that's the bulk of it. After picking up today's produce, I should be able to eat for the rest of the month without spending a penny on anything else! Yay! :-D



I feel a tiny bit tired, mainly my eyes. I woke up at 6:30, again. Yesterday I think I woke that early because a dear friend was getting a procedure done and had to be at the hospital at that time--so, I think my mind just woke me up then. Today, however, there's no reason to be up at 6:30. Maybe the almost raw day yesterday gave my body too much energy!

My lower right back has not been giving me a problem, but my shoulder hurts a lot. My period never started, but I've had a few tiny bits of spotting since the day I thought it was going to start. I'm going to be seeing a very good holistic doctor in October, so maybe she'll be able to help me regulate my cycles without taking a medication. I loved the way my cycles were normal on Metformin, but I just didn't like the way my body felt while I was taking that medicine. I felt like I was exhausted all of the time and I really feel that medicine caused my heart valve problem to worsen.

Anyway, I'm feeling healthier. I feel like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is having a very positive change happen in my body and mind.



Continuing with Creative Health Institute program

Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine



* 1/3 of very large apple with cinnamon

* Small handful of chopped walnuts

* Small glass of milk

* "Burritos" made from colard greens wrapped around hummus, chopped yellow zucchini, scallions, basil, tomatoes, gypsy green pepper, red pepper

* Vegetable curry made from swiss chard, kidney beans, carrots, onion, garlic, spices, tomatoes, raisins, chopped walnuts