I looked through my very unorganized library today, looking to find all my raw food books to start reading them, again. I was hoping I had Boutenko's Green for Life, but I guess I don't. I saw it mentioned in another's journal and it looks like it might talk about menstrual irregularities. I *must* read it, if that's the case. I think I was wrong about my cycle starting; I must have just been spotting.

Today, I am still very excited about all the fresh produce in the house! What will I end up eating today?



Excited about all the fresh organics in the house. I need to remember that everything has to last me until the end of the month, though, so I have to plan to eat the most perishable items, first.

My lower right back is hurting still, and my shoulder has increased in pain. I think these two pains always increase around the time that I'm supposed to have my period. Maybe it relates to hormones, or something?

I feel awake and energized, even though it's a dreary day outside. This is unusual for me, since I tend to feel down and low on energy when the sun isn't showing His lovely face.



* Continuing with Creative Health Institute program

* Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine



* Bowl of blueberries, banana, drizzled with agave nectar

* Small cup of soymilk

* "Burritos" made from collard green leaves, pesto hummus (chickpeas weren't raw), chopped veggies (red bell pepper, yellow zucchini, onion, garlic scapes, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves)--so yummy even the family devoured them and asked if I could make them again sometime!!!

* Small handful of sesame tamari chips to eat the very small amount of hummus that was left

* Juice of carrots, beets, apple, cucumber (YUM!)

* Small handful of walnuts to balance the sugar in the juice

* One cup of whole wheat pasta with mega amounts of pesto sauce

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On July 22, 2006, medamoso wrote:

yum, yum, yum!!!!