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My husband really liked the book, Raw Food, that I reviewed in an earlier post. He picked out a juice to try from it, along with a meal he said he'd like to try. Well, he chose something that needed a bit of soaking and dehydrating. I started the "crust" of the "pizza" last night and it was in the dehydrator while we slept. I need to go down this morning to flip it over to dry for another few hours. When he saw me preparing it, he was kind of disappointed to see zucchini was used. He read the recipe, though, but I guess his mind didn't want to accept that it had "undesireables" inside what looked to be so yummy in the photo. :-P Anyway, I'll make up the "pizza" later today, but if he doesn't want to try it I won't be upset. I'm not transitioning the entire family to raw--just myself. If they want to eat things from time to time, they are more than welcome. If they don't want that, however, that's fine with me, too.

Maybe I'll start taking pics of raw foods that I make. Yesterday, as we were all eating the "burritos" and loving them, my husband mentioned that I should have taken photos. We all stopped eating for a second, contemplating running off to get the camera before we ate too much, but we decided it was just too yummy (and we were too hungry) to wait. I'll try to take a picture of the "pizza" later, if I remember.



When I went to bed last night I had that pain in my lower right back. Is it from the juices, I wonder? Because we are using beets in the juices--maybe the beet is causing my liver some trouble? My shoulder was more painful last night, too. The lower back pain is gone this morning, but the shoulder still hurts a bit.

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I knew I had eaten wheat last night. My eyes are a bit puffy. I got a tiny bit of a headache last night, too, after eating the wheat. :-/



* Continuing with the Creative health Institute program

* Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine



* Banana

* Small cup of soymilk

* Small handful of walnuts

* Juice of cucumber, celery, lime, peppermit (okay, but not something I want again)

* Leftover green beans dish from the other day (great, with lots of flavor after being in the fridge!)

* Small salad with mixed greens, edible flowers, olive and flax oil with salt and dash of balsamic vinegar

* "Pizza" made with walnut, sesame, zucchini, ground flax crust, topped with cashew hummus, red peppers, tomatoes, onion, artichoke hearts, basil, pesto, zataar (picture to come!)

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On July 24, 2006, anonymous wrote:

What is zataar? I have never heard of it.

On July 24, 2006, Wendi Dee wrote:

It's a spice mixture. I've seen it spelled different ways, so I'm not sure of the correct spelling. I've also seen the blend with a few different ingredients. The one I used contained sumac, sesame, thyme, and maybe something else that I can't remember right now. Another blend I have of zataar doesn't have any sumac and instead of the thyme it has orgegano in it with the sesame seeds.