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Below, you will find a copy of the journal I kept during my transition into, and my first year of, a 100% raw, vegan diet. Some of it is quite personal, but I still wanted to share it with all of you. We may never meet in person, but I feel we are all connected in this world.I want to share my story with you, in hopes that you may learn something about yourself by reading about my journey into the raw lifestyle. Perhaps you'll be inspired (that's my wish), or learn to not make similar mistakes.

The journal begins in July of 2006 and continues into October 2007. If you are interested in reading something from the beginning, please use the archive feature at the right side of this page. If a month has more than one page worth of entries, there will be a "previous entries" link at the bottom of the page to view the rest of the entries for that month.

I have not edited my entries at all. Any entries that were originally marked private have been made public (with the exception of one that included personal information about people other than myself). Even though the entries are old, you are still welcome to add comments or ask questions. We will be notified of any comments that are left.

Again, I hope that I am in some way able to offer something positive to your life by sharing my personal Going Raw Journal.

Lots of love and peace to all of you,

I'm having major computer problems, so it's hard for me to update very much. This is just a quick post to note how I'm feeling and what I've been eating...

Feeling: Shoulder pain is pretty bad the past two days--my arm and hand are feeling a bit tingly, like I have a pinched nerve, maybe. Have had headaches off and on the past two days, as well. Energy comes and goes, but I'm definitely not feeling exhausted.


Computer problems, just another quick update.

My shoulder hurts less today. I have good energy.



apple chopped with some walnuts and cinnamon

tiny cup of soymilk

carob soymilk sweetened with agave nectar (caused a bit of a sugar high)

mixed veggie salad

small taste of special rice pudding

maybe 1/4 cup of champagne grapes

1/2 cup homemade moon rice pudding

leftover 1/4 chana and palak with tiny amount of rice

I had a banana for breakfast and didn't feel like balancing it with protein (which is what I've found I need to do in order to keep my insulin resistance/PCOS in order). Later, I felt a bit like I was experiencing a sugar high. :-(

Anyway, I'm just posting what I'm eating these days, until my computer is fixed.

* Banana