Just knowing that the Indian food is in the house is making me want to heat it up for breakfast. I might just do that, too. Not only will I get to eat what I was too full to consume last night, I'll be getting the cooked food out of the way. I know, I know...it's better to start the day with fruit, though.



I'm feeling a bit tired this morning, but I woke up at 6:30, so that could be the reason. My eyes feel dry and like they are burning--and my eyelids are definitely showing the result of eating that salt in the Indian food last night.

My lower right back doesn't hurt, but my shoulder still has pain.

I am down a few more pounds, but I'm thinking it will jump back up after I eat the rest of that Indian food (mainly because of all the salt).

Mentally, I'm looking forward to January 1st, when I go raw 100% and stay that way for at least a year.



* Continuing with Creative Health Institute program

* Continuing with Sunfood Cuisine (have only been reading a few minutes here and there of this book)



* Leftover Indian food (malai kofta with 1/4 cup white rice) [not organic]

* LOTS and LOTS of water--I'm so thirsty from all the salt in the food!

* Kohlrabi sliced with my new mandoline slicer!

* Juice of carrots, beet, beet greens

* 3/4 of a tiny pickling cucumber, sliced thin and sprinkled with realsalt (I prefer those tiny pickling cucumbers to traditional ones)

* Taste of fresh parsley salad that I'm going to let sit until tomorrow

* Soup made from cooked potatoes, leeks, LOTS of garlic, LOTS of leeks--pureed up

* Two slices sprouted grain bread with lots of vegan butter (non hydrogenated, of course)

* 1/2 cup carob tofu pudding