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For the most part, I've been eating intuitively from the very start of my raw food journey (which began over two years ago!). I noticed that I was drawn to different foods for blocks of time, and as my interest would wane I'd find myself drawn to another raw food. Anyone who has followed my story to health knows about my love for young Thai coconuts. My entire body would vibrate with physical excitement every time I picked up another case of those life-enhancing baby coconuts. I felt like a child receiving a much-desired gift---giddy with excitement and unable to stand still. I'm not just saying that, either---it was a very strange sensation, feeling such excitement over a food.

Well, my love for the coconuts faded and I found myself drawn to other foods over the past few years. However, none of them ever compared in intensity to my desire for the coconut. I can't recall all of the foods I cycled through, but there were plenty of food cycles I went through. Currently, I'm intuitively drawn to the pineapple. I want to eat it at least once a day, sometimes more. I haven't tired of it in the least bit.

Something happened on Saturday, however. I arrived at the food co-op and one of my favorite store employees approached me and gave me the bad news: my case of pineapples wasn't there, and he wasn't sure when they'd be getting them in. At first, my mind wouldn't register what he was saying. "Did he really just say that I wouldn't be having my case of pineapples " my mind was asking. Well, that *is* what he said. No pineapples. I felt the energy in my heart sink quite a bit. It was the strangest thing, but I stood there with a sorrowful, lost feeling. At first I didn't know what to do, other than repeat it over and over: "there are no pineapples, there are no pineapples." To say I was near tears wouldn't be a lie; on a very deep level I was filled with a child-like sorrow because what I desired wasn't available to me.

So, I spoke to my body on an internal level. "It's okay. Let's see what else you are drawn to eat until you can have the pineapples again." I looked at every single fruit and vegetable available. Maybe others thought I was a bit strange to be putting so much time and thought into looking at the produce, but I was waiting for my intuition to guide me. There was nothing strongly pulling my attention, however.

I finally selected some extra nectarines, which I've been enjoying a lot. I also found myself picking up a lot of tomatoes. I tried to reassure myself that maybe those would work. For the past two days I've gone without a pineapple. I stare at the fruits on the counter, and into the fridge, a bit too long looking for something I'd like to eat. Then, I settle on something that isn't really filling me with an inner happiness as much as a pineapple would.

Last night Jim picked up two nonorganic pineapples for me. I just had one for breakfast and I'm feeling a bit happier, a bit more balanced and focused. When intuitive eating can't happen, I think we are missing out on an opportunity to truly help our bodies reach and maintain a necessary balance. It looks like I'll be consuming nonorganic pineapples all week long, but I really feel the need to eat them because they are what I am most drawn to at this point.

Have you ever eaten intuitively? What kinds of foods are you drawn to ?Do you sometimes have to compromise when you are desiring a certain food and it's not available to you ?

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On August 12, 2008, Jeanne wrote:

I absolutely believe that s true ? that when you crave something specific, it is because your body wants you to have it. I m not talking about just ?getting the munchies? for any crappy food ? I mean when you absolutely MUST have a specific thing.

The problem is that, if you don t get what your body really wants, you ll wind up either over-eating, or feeling completely unsatisfied or bad about what you did eat. I think this happens to raw foodists and non-raw foodists alike. (As you know, I m in the latter group).

But, I will say that the food item I sometime HAVE to have is avocado. Which is often a real bummer, because when you really want one and you don t have one in the house, you ve got less than a 30% chance of finding a ripe, un-bruised one at most grocery stores. And for the love of humanity people ? please stop pummeling the avocados (not that any of the readers of this blog would do such a thing!)

On August 13, 2008, Yardsnacker wrote:

What a beautiful term, intuitive eating. I think if I let my intuition go, I'd eat nothing but wild greens. Good thing my eyes work and I can see gourmet raw. That changes everything. Now you have to make sure you don't eat too much nut cheese and whatnot.

I hope you get your beloved pineapples soon. I've yet to try an organic one, but I've heard that they are amazing.

XoXo ;) Sam

On August 13, 2008, Penni wrote:

I've noticed the more alkaline I am, the more I gravitate towards certain foods. I guess our vibration gets a little higher in that space and our spirits get those messages more clearly. I've been obsessed with fresh tomato and basil salads from my garden for two weeks straight. I eat one or two everyday.

Pineapple is spectacular and I love it juiced with cilantro.....perhaps I'll try to make that happen today.

Love to you!!


On August 14, 2008, Sarah wrote:

For me, at least for these few years, I try to throw in a little (common sense? for lack of a better word) with my intuitions, because I don't trust my gut fully yet. :) I do find, that in general I seem to feel better when I get the bulk of my calories from sweet, calorie dense fruit such as nanas, dates, mango, bus-loads of watermelon etc. I love the other fruit too, but I tend to see them as supplemental to my sweet fruit.

I hope you find more organic pineapples soon! (((hugs)))

I rarely eat anything organic these days except for grapes.

On August 15, 2008, Wendi wrote:

Jeanne, thanks for the comment! The bruised avocados drive me crazy, too. As for not having foods ripe when you want them, I have a similar problem with bananas. I can only get organic ones from the co-op, and they are almost always green. :-(

Sam, if you think you'd eat nothing but greens then you should go for it (once you end your feast, that is)! Your body must be craving minerals more than vitamins. :-)

Penni, Yes! The vibration of our bodies definitely changes the more raw we consume. I wish someone would do scientific studies on it, because I know it's happening. I kept asking you on Twitter how much cilantro you were including with your pineapple smoothie, but you must have missed my tweets. If you remember, let me know how much cilantro you recommend for one full pineapple. Thanks!

Sarah, it's definitely not my gut that's giving me the messages. There's a difference for me between cravings and intuitive eating. Another reader and I had a discussion about this last week. If I dropped my intuition and ate what I was craving, I'd probably go for chocolate and lots of fats. :-P I've been finding the same to be true for myself--that I seem to be feeling better (more energetic) when I get the bulk of my calories from sweet fruits.

Thanks, again, for the comments! I've been eating nonorganic pineapples. But, guess what ! I'm thinking I'm being drawn more to corn on the cob these days! I feel a change coming!

Lots of love to all of you,



On August 15, 2008, violet wrote:


i have been on an amazing watermelon kick. i ate only watermelon for three days and then ate it for 75% of my intake of foods for two more weeks. i cannot get enough. i want some now. and i have added pineapple to my food cravings/must-have list this week. and i did not find organic of either, but i ate and ate and ate it all up. i guess it did not matter. i find what i can organic-wise, and do my best with the rest.

isn't intuitive eating the best !?!

On August 15, 2008, Wendi wrote:


You and my husband are going through the same thing! Actually, a lot of raw foodists on a forum I am part of are really into watermelon. I don't know why I'm not drawn to it, but after just a few bites I just don't feel like eating any more of it. It always smells so great, though, and looks so pretty! :-)

Have you been feeling any different, with eating all the watermelon? How's your Raw Fu Challenge coming along?

Thanks for the comment!

Lots of love to you,



On June 17, 2010, Cece wrote:

Another one with watermelon cravings. When the weather warms up, I just have to have them, in large quantities.