I'm sitting here in the morning, wondering what my day will be like. All I can think is that I want to eat a salad. I cleaned a bunch of lettuce yesterday, getting it ready for a salad, but then didn't eat it. I have it stored so it will stay crisp and right now I think a huge salad would be lovely. I'll probably start my day with an apple and nuts, though, so that I can get back into eating fruit for breakfast.



I'm feeling a bit tired. My lower right side of my back has not been hurting, but my shoulder was feeling the worst it has in weeks last night. It's not as painful this morning.

Also, my face is red and blotchy today--and I'm up two pounds again from the Indian food's salt.



Continuing with both sources that I've been using.



* 1/2 an apple, chopped and topped with cinnamon and walnuts

* Small glass of soymilk

* Small parsley, cucumber, tomato salad

* Zucchini "pasta" with cashew, tomato, garlic scape topping

* 1/2 cup carob tofu pudding

* Medium salad of greens with little bit of regular dressing I make

* Juice of carrots, beet, turnip greens (this was strong!)

* Small amount of zucchini "pasta" with the cashew/tomato topping