Well, I think I'm definitely sensitive to garlic. Last night, before going to bed, I already had the dark circles under my eyes. I woke up and it was even worse, and my eyes were a bit puffy. There's still a chance it's from the nuts and/or nama shoyu, however.

For now, I've decided that if I want it, I'm still going to eat it. One day I will feel that I'd prefer to feel better than to have that taste, I'm sure. For now, I'm just sticking with being raw and if that means eating things that I'm a bit sensitive to, so be it.

Yesterday I definitely had enough calories. I'm sure it was too much fat, however, to get all of those calories. :-/

I made a carob "cake" for dinner that is decorated with fresh strawberries. We'll probably have fresh veggie juice and the cake. :-D


* 1/4 coconut shake (same as usual, but without banana, since we are out of them)

* salad (2 cups baby romaine, 1 cup baby spinach, 4 chopped Brazil nuts, leftover dressing from yesterday)

* I was feeling a bit peckish, so I made a seed cheese (sunflower seeds, nama shoyu, lemon, garlic) and ate it on top of cucumber and tomato rounds, sprinkled with fresh chopped parsely. That was yummy, but too salty. My stomach feels a bit of a burning, I think, from it.

* 1/3 of the dessert I made (walnuts, dates, carob, salt, strawberries)

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On May 8, 2007, middesummer wrote:

I have the same reaction to garlic. If I lay off of it for a few weeks I can usually ease it back into my eating. It's all about using it in moderation for me but I go through periods where I get carried away by it anyway!

On May 8, 2007, Wendi Dee wrote:

Oh, it's definitely about the quantity and frequency. I tend to eat garlic in large quantities just about every day. It was a big change not having it for a week, and I truly missed it. I know I'd be better off without it, but for now I'm not ready to give it up. ;-P

Thanks for the comment. :-D