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All this week we're continuing to feature a variety of answers to the question "Are Raw Foodists Crazy" from various friends of Pure Jeevan. If you're just now tuning in, please read the back story and introduction to this, as posted on Monday.But, for now, let's continue with posting more of the excellent responses sent in! Enjoy!! :-)

Mimi Kirk

San Diego, CA

Raw for 3 years.


Mimi: I might think anyone who is not conscious of what they eat and ignores all the warning signs might be the crazy one. Some people eat animals shot up with hormones and steroids. They eat processed foods with a list of unhealthy ingredients, loaded with salt, chemicals and fats. Anyone who doesn't read labels and continues to eat this kind of food might be the crazy one. I guess I could be called crazy being a raw food person, but that s okay with me. I'm 72 and feel like I'm in my 20's ... now that s what I call crazy.


Mimi is online at:

Pete Vincent

Long-term raw humourist from the U.K.


Pete: The simple answer to this question is YES! Raw foodists are crazy compared to most people! Some raw fooders are even considered crazy compared to other raw fooders. You don't HAVE to be crazy to be into raw food, but, being considered "crazy" by "most other people" in the crazy world we are living in right now isn't a bad thing! Some might even see it as a good thing to be considered crazy as it shows you as being someone who is able to live their life and think outside of the box that we are all placed in if we don't stop to question stuff.

I am sure that some people get into raw food purely because it makes them stand out from their mates and gets them attention from people who think they are crazy.

But it has to be said that some people are just plain old crazy and raw food only serves to completely disconnect them from reality and then they lose themselves in a crazy haze of raw bliss unable to interact with any other fellow human beings and so end up living solitary lives in isolation.

I recommend a semi state of craziness where you are crazy enough to question society's norm, and yet not too crazy that you completely lose yourself and any sense of direction that would enable you to use what you are learning for the power of good to turn others on to the potential benefits of eating a "crazy" diet!


Pete is online at: and

Courtney Pool

Patagonia, AZ

Into raw foods for almost 5 years.


Courtney: Those who eat raw food, at least a higher percentage of them than the average cross section of society, tend to have rampant energy, overflowing creativity, and a generally positive outlook on life. This is definitely unique. Definitely the minority. Often, things unique and the minority are seen by society as crazy. The reality of a person radiant in health, energy, creativity, and a sense of connectedness is definitely rare to find these days. Not because it's rare, in fact, it's the real normal, but because the majority of society is plagued with poor health due to dietary and lifestyle choices, we've forgotten what's actually normal.

It is possible to become ungrounded with raw food, but there are many things one can do to 'ground' with a raw food diet if they tend towards ungroundedness. Some of these things might include eating more grounding raw foods, herbs, and superfoods. One can also use aromatherapy and breathing and meditation exercises to ground.


Courtney is online at:


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On August 26, 2010, debbiedoesraw wrote:

What a fun series with all my favorite people!
I want to play.. I guess I need to write my "crazy" post!

On August 26, 2010, Jim Dee wrote:

Hey Deb- I wanted you to play, too! I sent you a note on Facebook about a week ago asking if you wanted to write something up. Guess I should have emailed you instead of FB-messaged you? Well, there's still one more day... I could always add you to the Friday lineup. Get typing, girl! :-)