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***** DISCLAIMER: As with all of our posts here at Pure Jeevan, and particularly those tagged with a new term, "Nadi Balance, please refer to the disclaimer that runs at the bottom of all Pure Jeevan pages. Wendi and Jim are health researchers, educators, and extreme self-experimenters, not doctors. ******

Yesterday, we talked about live blood being a fantastic indication of overall health and well-being.Wendi's initial live blood review didn't show the extent of the Lyme disease. But, it did show an indication that something was going on (while Jim's blood showed overall health).

As we initially stated in the Nadi Balance series, being able to see one's overall health by viewing live blood is what put us on the path we're currently on -- looking into health and well being in a much more complex way than ever before. One particular area that we've been studying, which is also an area we've learned substantial amounts about, is the body's need for fats.

We have learned, for instance, that the body needs a balance (you're going to be hearing "balance, balance, balance" from us from here until eternity!) between fatty acids and sterol fats. It is this understanding, as well as testing and experimentation, that helped Wendi's body finally heal from the debilitating Lyme disease that was slowly taking her life away. Through testing, which is too complex to explain right now, we were able to determine that Wendi's balance of these two types of fats (fatty acids and sterols) was totally off. Her ratio of fatty acids to sterol fats was such that her body had next to no sterol fats in comparison to fatty acids.

Here's one of the reasons fats need to be balanced in the body. (This is a simple explanation.) The cells in the body are similar, in a way, to sponges. Imagine that a "perfect" sponge absorbs and releases fluids in an ideal way, while easily still holding its shape. That's a nice, balanced sponge. Now let's imagine that there's a sponge whose porous nature is such that the openings allowing fluids to enter are so large that the fluids easily rush in, saturate, and spill back out, with the sponge becoming a big glop. In the other extreme, imagine a sponge that is so firm and rigid, with its porous openings being so tiny that it's difficult for fluids to enter and saturate it. This sponge essentially feels and acts like a rock.

These three examples crudely represent cells of the body with various balances of fatty acids to sterol fats. The first example represents a healthy cell with a perfect balance between these two fats. The second represents a cells whose fatty acids far outnumber the sterol fats. The third is vice-versa of the second. Wendi's imbalance was like that of the second example. Her fatty acid numbers extremely outweighed the sterol numbers. Not only were her cells unable to hold on to essential nutrients, and more, but her cells were so open and porous that the Lyme bacteria could easily invade. So, what do you think the answer to this imbalance could be?

Coming up next: Sterols and what may be the answer to a new trend among some raw foodies.

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***** DISCLAIMER: As with all of our posts here at Pure Jeevan, and particularly those tagged with a new term, "Nadi Balance," please refer to the disclaimer that runs at the bottom of all Pure Jeevan pages. Wendi and Jim are health researchers, educators, and extreme self-experimenters ? not doctors. ******

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On May 12, 2010, Yardsnacker wrote:

Wow that's amazing! I remember in biology class finding out that all cells are created with a bi-lipid membrane...so this makes complete sense. Good fats and now I learn good balance is what helps. Really interesting. I'm curious to know about how protein plays a role in this. Air hugs, Sam ;)

On May 13, 2010, colleenmccauley wrote:

In regard to balance...I just wanted to say that I feel that the approach that you and Wendi take regarding the raw food lifestyle in general is very balanced. I appreciate that, and you are among my select list of sites that I go to when I feel I need well thought out, reliable, information. Deep bows to you both. ~Colleen~

On May 13, 2010, debbiedoesraw wrote:

Oh, I know the answer!! but I will let you guys tell the story.
Loving my good fats !
xxoxo deb

On May 13, 2010, bitt wrote:

interesting. excited to hear more about the sterols.

On May 13, 2010, anasha wrote:

thank you for the very informative sharing but what are sterols fats ?? ??