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Hi there PureJeevan readers! We wanted to let you know that Jim's new novel CHROO is available on Amazon. It's a crazy adventure involving a billionaire heiress, her Chihuahua BFF ("Chroo") and a host of human and animal characters. Find out more on Amazon! Here are some links:

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Let's stay sharp by learning about brain power! Did you know that the less exercise your brain receives through reading, learning new things (like you do here on our blog!), playing games, and contemplating puzzles the more it is likely to become weak and not serve you well into your centenarian years? Scientists have been trying to figure out ways to improve the brain's function and have learned a lot, but are still uncertain what causes Alzheimer's Disease, or any other form of Dementia.

If you ve ever known someone who suffers with a loss of mental capabilities, you know how sad and sometimes scary that can be. Last week, Jim posted a blog that touched a bit on the subject of Alzheimer s Disease. He wrote in that article, ?I want better than just a small chance that I ll live healthfully for a full lifespan. I want to stack the aging deck in my favor. ?Eating a healthy, raw food diet is something Jim was hoping to use in order to stack the deck in his favor of a life free of memory loss and full of vibrant health.

But, can one really keep a sharp intellect just by consuming a raw food diet? Scientists are still not 100% clear on what causes some brains to begin shriveling up (literally), losing memories and ultimately losing the ability to function enough for basic human survival, while other brains remain plump and healthy. In some studies, those following a Mediterranean Diet (rich in fresh fruits and vegetables) seemed to have less incidences of dementia, but the studies weren t strong enough to definitely link diet and mental health as a preventative for memory loss.

One thing that seems to be widely accepted about the disease, however, is the link between heart health and the association with a higher risk of developing mental loss. Those with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and also individuals who smoke (which affects the heart), have a greater chance of developing Alzheimer s than those who have healthier hearts. For this reason alone, one can easily see how a raw food diet, rich in heart-healthy nutrients, may in fact aid one in keeping a sharp intellect. As for the smoking, everyone knows how unhealthy smoking is for the body (and for the bodies of others who are subjected to the secondhand smoke).

In my studies, something that seemed pretty clear to me is that the brain is suffering from inflammation, as well as dehydration. The inflammation seems to be causing plaque buildup, which further interferes with the brain s proper functioning. This all points even more in the direction of following a diet that is not only water-rich, but also one that is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you ve been reading our blog for long, you ll already know that the raw food diet is an excellent way to eliminate inflammation in the body.

Over the next few days I ll be sharing recipes that are not only heart-healthy, but also anti-inflammatory. Consuming these foods will help you, as well as Jim, stack the deck in your favor for a sharp intellect well into your centenarian years. I ll also be sharing some other sharp-witted ways to keep your mind flexible and strong. Keep reading our blog every weekday, since reading and learning keep the mind young and active. So, if you can remember to do so ;-), check back all this week for tips and tricks on staying sharp!