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According to Mike Adams of

"Many Florida oranges are actually dipped in an artificial orange dye in order to make them more visually appealing. It's the same dye that's been banned for use in foods because of cancer risk."

Isn't that weird? Are oranges not already beautiful enough? Do we really need to give them an artificial orange color to entice us to eat them?

I'm sure most people, if they stop to think about it, will realize how silly it is that a natural fruit has to be artificially colored for us to think it's appealing enough to pick up and eat. Is this the way of the future? Is lettuce not green enough for you? Here, let's give it a bath in some green dye so that it will jump out at you in the grocery store.

Of course, it all comes from the need to compete with all of the packaged foods most people have grown accustomed to eating. They are filled with artificial colors, flavors, and all kinds of chemicals. Our bodies get confused after seeing and eating such foods over extended periods of time.

I'm a bit into the oranges lately, can you tell? I'm super excited about the case of organic, freshly picked and perfectly ripe ones arriving any day! When they arrive, I'll be sure to share a picture of them with all of you. Sure, they might not be bright orange like the Dyekist ones, but I'm sure they'll have a natural sun-kissed beauty that can't be beat!

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On January 25, 2008, Allison wrote:

It's the same with flavoring. We are so used to sodium, fat, sugars and MSG in our processed foods that they are added to frozen veggies in sauces and "flavor packs" to make vegetables more appealing. We are deluded into thinking that nature's foods aren't colorful or flavorful enough. No wonder so many kids hate fruit and so many adults refuse to eat it unless it's slathered in junk. :-(

On January 27, 2008, Wendi wrote:

It really is very, very sad. But, we're here to help make a difference, right ! We can show how beautiful, delicious, and fun eating healthy, pure, natural foods can be!

Lots of love to you,