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This is a recipe for the coconut shake that brought my cholesterol levels from very unhealthy down to extremely healthy within the span of one month!

Young Coconut Shake

Flesh and water from one young coconut

2 bananas (frozen best, but it's not overly important)

2-5 dates (depending on how sweet you like it--I decreased the amount as I was drinking these)

2 Tablespoons hemp protein powder

2-4 Tablespoons carob powder

few small handfulls of nuts (almonds or hazelnuts)

Blend in a high-power blender (the VitaMix is best, I think) until smooth. You can add some ice if you don't like it room temperature (if you use the frozen bananas it will make the drink cold).

Here at Pure Jeevan we drink these things all the time! They are extremely filling and totally amazing in flavor!! Enjoy!

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On May 6, 2008, In My Mind’s Zen Garden | A Green Smoothie Recipe by Jenna wrote:

[...] here’s a very nice Young Coconut Shake recipe I found on WendiDee’s Pure Jeevan site. [...]

On June 29, 2008, myra wrote:

Hi. I was curious what your cholestrol was & where it went to as mine is around 250. I have been taking red rice yeast but this sounds delish! Did you drink it everyday? thanks. Myra