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Jim here... Just wanted to say quickly that I'm heading off to the Raw Spirit Festival (RSF) today! I'll be carpooling (or, vanpooling) with our friends Melissa and Dave Sokulski, their daughter Ella, and our friend Bethany. We're all volunteering at RSF, which should not only be a lot of fun, but should also be a great way to get to know many other fellow raw foodies.

So, we'll be arriving Friday to help set up, enjoying the festival over the weekend, and staying Monday to help them "break it down." Since we need to leave Monday, we'll likely miss a fun-sounding party at Rawbin's place Monday night. But, I'm sure it'll be a blast overall, and it'll also be fun to camp out again, as I haven't done that in a while. I especially hope I'm also able to light something on fire, as I always love the fire aspect of camping most. Maybe I'll run into some of those raw foodies who spin fire-poi and can learn a new skill!

Anyway, we're planning to stop today at at a neat little spa town called Berkeley Springs (West Virginia), which is directly on the way. (Considering the number of trips Wendi and I have made from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., it's a wonder we've never heard of this destination.) I've never been to a place with warm mineral springs before, so maybe that'll be fun. I'll be sure to grab some pics and maybe some video if there's anything applicable to raw food there. (I think a lot of raw foodies are highly interested in fresh springs, so that alone should be worth checking out.)

I'll also be sure to get tons of photos and videos of the festival to post here next week. Wendi and KDcat, unfortunately, are not attending this RSF. They're staying home to watch "The Jooge." Yes, this is one cost of dog-ownership that can be a little trying at times. But, we do love our puppy, even if she holds us back at times.Wendi and KDcat will definitely be attending RSF Prescott (Arizona) on September 26-27, though. So, if you're attending that one, you'll get to meet them.

So, if you see me at RSF and I don't already know you, please say hello! I'd love to meet and hang out with as many people as possible this weekend. You know ... get some photos, some videos, drop a little phytoplankton, bask in frankincence, eat too much raw cacao, check out the ormus ... whatever it takes. See you there!

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On August 27, 2009, JoAnn wrote:

Have a fun time.. Cant wait to see all the pictures... :)