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On March 6, Wendi and KDcat arrived around dinner time at their next location, Grants Pass. We've known their hosts as online friends, so it was a real treat to meet them in person. Rebecca Leaverton, her hhusband Dominic, and their twins Aubrey and Sebastian live in a beautiful home in one of the more beautiful places W&K have visited in Oregon (and that's saying something, as EVERY location in Oregon has been absolutely beautiful). Grants Pass is surrounded by the most breathtakingly gorgeous mountains, close and ever-present no matter where you are in the city. If we ever do decide that city living isn't for us, Wendi said she'd love to live in the mountains surrounding Grants Pass!

Here's some video... In the first clip, Wendi shares a raw traveling trick she came up with -- kind of a high-energy, super-fast sandwich. Then Rebecca (aka SuperfoodGirl -- from demonstrates one of her favorite pieces of kitchen equipment, the V Slicer. (Wendi loved it and says we need to save up and get one when she returns from the trip.) And then we couldn't resist a few moments of footage of Rebecca's twins out exploring the kale and wheat grass in? theback yard.

Rebecca and Dominic drove W&K all around their town, showing them many organic grocery stores and some fun parks. KDcat biked to one park with Rebecca. (Wendi's shoulders aren't healed enough to handle bike riding, yet -- although so far so good on driving the rental car!). They took lots of pictures at the park, and hung out down at the river (where KDcat had great fun wading out and giving a piggy back ride to sweet little Aubrey).

Rebecca and Dominic also shared some of their SOL, a liquid salt that they prepare. There wasn't time to show a demonstration of this, but perhaps that can be a future "Makin' It Monday" or something.Basically, it's an economical way to use some of the more expensive quality salts (like the pink Himalayan salt we use here at Pure Jeevan).

Another highlight, according to KDcat, was visiting a special local coffee shop called Dutch Brothers, an Oregon coffee chain that is hugely popular and started off in Grants Pass. She said it truly was the best coffee! (However, I'm fairly sure she experienced a bit of caffeine overload, as she's been ordering decaf ever since.)

And with that we conclude the Oregon portion of the trip!! Next stop: California!?

Once again, we d love to thank our generous trip snack sponsor, Natural Zing, for helping us to make this possible on our budget!

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On March 17, 2010, kerrymum wrote:

grants pass is our 2nd favorite town in oregon .... we have many fond memories of kayaking down the rogue river! : )

On March 17, 2010, debbiedoesraw wrote:

We miss our girls! What a great time we had and even an earthquake!
love you all