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Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they have tapped into something special, something most of us search for but never quite find. That was the case when I met this lovely woman I'd like the rest of you to meet. There's a centered peace about her, down deep in her core, and yet she's overflowing with an energy that I've never seen matched by anyone else. She's delightfully insightful, intelligent, and playful all at the same time. ?

Take the Time to Meet

Tonya Kay is an entertainer and athlete powered by raw foods. Even though her schedule is quite busy with training, rehearsals, and being in the spotlight, she still finds time to educate others about the health benefits of consuming a raw food diet. On her YouTube channel she currently has 30 raw food videos covering just about any subject you can think up. She also has some fantastic raw food books available on her site.

Tonya's most recent eBook is Raw Nutritional Analysis ll: Spring Athlete's Diet co-written Tonya and Joanna Steven.The book is a follow-up to a previously written one, Raw Analysis: Autumn's Diet. In both books, Tonya's diet is followed for a month and then undergoes a nutritional analysis to see how balanced it is, or isn't. Within the pages, Tonya shares answers to common raw food questions and clears up misconceptions about the raw food diet. Each day you can also see what kind of exercise/activity her body experiences.

I'm not sure if Tonya ever sits still for very long, especially over this past year. Prior to this year, Tonya was a member of the Off-Broadway phenomenon, STOMP, and danced in many other productions, as well. Her modeling has been shared in numerous publications, including National Geographic, and was also displayed in NIKE stores.She's beautiful, talented, and inspiring. Below you'll see a list of some of the things Tonya's been doing lately. To learn even more about this incredible woman, check out the site links we've also shared, below.

Photo montage of Tonya performing!

What Has Tonya Been Up To Lately

Cover to her November issue in


illustrated by Jim Balent.

You can learn more about Tonya Kay by visiting the following sites:

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On August 5, 2009, tinaintheraw wrote:

Thanks for sharing more info about Tonya! She is truly amazing and gorgeous, and I just adore that she is raw with all that energy! You go girl!

Hugs, Tina