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Jim here... Sorry for being away for so long. We've got SO much going on these days, it's mind-boggling! More on that later, as I have something in mind already for today...I should start by clarifying that I've been basically raw for almost 4 years now (high-raw, you might say). During the first nearly-two years, I still ate meat from time to time. Actually, I still ate (and drank) almost everything from time to time -- sugars, processed foods, alcohol, you name it -- only less than I did before, and within the context of a dietary intake consisting of a significantly higher percentage of living foods. In those early years, I'd estimate I was averaging 75-90% raw. Not bad ... I definitely experienced improvements in my health!

The big change in consciousness didn't follow until two years ago. (This is an interesting point because, as you can see, I wasn't "ready" for a bigger change for two years into eating a lot of raw foods!) I suppose the difference was that, during the early years, I was pretty much raw by default rather than by conscious decision. As Jules said in Pulp Fiction, "... my girlfriend's a vegetarian. ?Which more or less makes me a vegetarian..." Yeah, that was my case back then, too, although I certainly grew into it (and am thankful that I did).

Anyway, two years ago, I amped it up to another level -- this time by design, in accordance with the direction in which my conscience had revealed to me as one that could lead to a higher version of myself. By that, I mean a version of myself that could realize significantly more compassion for others and for the planet, a better / healthier / more positive attitude, further progress on a physical level, increased clarity of mind, truer happiness and love, and becoming what I recall Gabriel Cousens terming as a "superconductor of divine energy."

I look at those two pictures, above, and I can see the difference. Physically, the weight and disease left me. And, I experienced changes on all other levels. The guy on the left is 37 years OLD, cynical, emotionally and spiritually bereft. His coloring reflects the dull pallor of premature aging. The dude on the right is 41 years YOUNG and ready to rock and roll. (Well, either that or captain a pirate ship.)

Where to from here?

Okay, let's review my path a little more simply and clearly:

1. Standard American / Junk Food diet most of my upbringing -- average physical health. (Always remember that youth is *very* forgiving. You just can't look at an average kid -- meaning, anyone under, say, 22 years old -- and conclude that whatever that fit-looking kid eats must be healthy, or that any given kid is in fact as healthy as he or she looks.)

2. Mostly junk until four years ago, although also around 80% vegetarian (again, by default) -- rapidly declining physical health. (Note that just because someone is a vegetarian or "mostly vegetarian" doesn't mean he or she is necessarily healthy. This was true for both Wendi and me.)

3. Mostly raw foods for two years, with about 10-25% junk -- improving health and weight loss. (This is important because it shows that you really may not have to go 100% raw to achieve some of the benefits. At least, in my case, this was true. Although, I did finally hit a plateau at around 185 pounds and could not lose any more weight.)

4. Exclusively raw vegan foods for two years -- improving health and weight loss. (Finally, this got me into the 160s for weight, which is a healthier BMI range for my build.)

Within that final paradigm, I've also explored a number of additional directions, including fruitarianism, 80-10-10, Rainbow Green, etc. ?I have yet to settle on any one of them, to be truthful. Out of the four areas above, I've personally found the highest levels of energy and vitality at number 4, exclusive raw veganism. Under this regimen, I've easily juggled all of the stress of working my day job, working on Pure Jeevan, working with my family on our pending move West, owning two homes (temporarily), working to sell our Pittsburgh home, and so much more -- not to mention completing 500 pushups per week (100/day, 5 days/week) for more than a year now.

But I'm still not satisfied... (Maybe it's always like that -- when you climb to one plateau, you see or sense the next one.) I'm making changes currently on some non-dietary fronts (getting some additional exercise, for example). But, looking back over those four modes of existence, I realize that one thing I haven't explored is a more consciously designed, healthy high-raw existence, with an allotment of around 5% of non-raw foods made up of non-junk things such as rice, beans, lentils, various grains, etc. I'm currently considering such a modification this fall -- and, guess what ! ?Thanks to our new Nadi Balance area of study and our live blood work lately, I think I'll be able to monitor my progress in more or less real-time.

Wait, does this mean Jim isn't 100% raw? ?I'm not going to label myself as anything other than a health-seeker, self-experimenter, knowledge sharer, etc. As for raw foods, I simply cannot imagine ever living at less than around 95% raw -- so, yes, I'll probably always be a very serious raw foodist. I just feel too good on this kind of diet. But, if I can add just a few healthy, non-raw things and show scientifically that I'm even healthier? Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me. (Oh, and by the way, my personal plans are still centered around veganism.) Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about why I'm considering this experimental dietary tweak.

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On September 20, 2010, TerriDactyl wrote:

I ate cooked beans twice since telling you that I was thinking about it. The first time, I had a raw chile relleno, and just a few black beans on the side. I seemed to do okay with that. But the second time, I had a couple of bowls full of pinto beans with avocado floated in it, and YUCK. I think having beans as the main course really wasn't a good idea. There was the gas, of course, but I didn't sleep well, and I woke up all bloated and fatigued the next day. Which was unusual since going to raw. I had become acustomed to hopping merrily out of bed - not moaning and groaning like the old pre-raw days. I really think I'll eat cooked beans only as an additional topping to salads or as a small side dish.

On September 20, 2010, Jim Dee wrote:

Yeah, that doesn't sound too good! I was thinking maybe just plain black beans on a salad or something. Did you try rice, too? I know other raw foodies who have tried rice and done okay. Our good friend Melissa was sharing some knowledge recently about rice and its role in Chinese medicine. I think I recall her saying it was generally good for digestive issues, so I wonder if beans & rice is naturally a good mixture? I'll have to ask her. But, yeah, I was thinking of black beans on a salad with fresh raw pico de gallo and/or regular salsa.

On September 21, 2010, bitt wrote:

So glad you are open to discussing your changes. I have been experimenting with vegan cooked foods off and on. I still have yet to find the right balance, it takes awhile.

And...congrats on 2 years raw and your health changes!

On September 21, 2010, BabyandEarl wrote:

Have you tried Sprouting Beans! I have Lentil Beans, Peas or Adzuki Beans sprouted, most every evening for supper. They add a Great crunch to salads. For a side dish use Sprouted Red Clover and a blend of Peas and Beans. Use a Savory Dressing. Lemon~Avocado~Onion~with Dulce to taste is very good.

On September 21, 2010, Anashasol wrote:

hi Jim
thank you for sharing, you could also try sprouted lentils or chick peas or others and before eating them pour almost but not boiled water and let them soak in the water for a while (maybe until the water cools down) the eat , i have done it a few time with no difficulty for digestion, and you van also take enzymes before to have better assimilation. You can also start to eat sauerkraut or coconut kefir before starting again with cooked food, but grains ?? ?? at least gluten free ones. good luck and let us know
i send you and Wendi and KDC love and best wishes for your new life.
and boy, you have changed sooo much

On September 21, 2010, emmaprinny wrote:

Wow interesting! You write really well; so easy to read and honest, and entertaining too :) Good on you. I look forward to hearing your progress/results.