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And you thought Apple Cider Vinegar was tough to pin down ? Ever come across the whole fluoride controversy

A Google search on "fluoride" returns 6,300,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride toothpaste" returns 246,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride water" returns 351,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride benefits" returns 1,080,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride dangers" returns 72,300 results.

A Google search on "fluoride good" returns 2,710,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride bad" returns 1,210,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride Hitler" returns 49,100 results. (Seriously... Isn't that strange ? According to the Internet -- on which everything is most assuredly true -- Adolf Hitler used fluoride to control the masses.)

A Google search on "fluoride God" returns 295,000 results.

A Google search on "fluoride devil" returns 96,000 results.

Clearly, there's a controversy lurking herein. What do you make of it ? Are you pro-fluoride or anti-fluoride? Come on... don't tell us you don't even have a philosophical position on this highly divisive issue! Do you gargle the stuff or filter it from your household water? Is it a miracle cure or harbinger of death