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Hi there PureJeevan readers! We wanted to let you know that Jim's new novel CHROO is available on Amazon. It's a crazy adventure involving a billionaire heiress, her Chihuahua BFF ("Chroo") and a host of human and animal characters. Find out more on Amazon! Here are some links:

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If you ve been a Pure Jeevan family member for a while, you know we don t always focus on food in regards to health. Health isn t only about the food you put into your body; it s about so much more. We are mental, spiritual, emotional, physical beings who thrive best when we have a balance in all those areas of our lives. Humans are, for the most part, social beings. If we lack something as vital as social interaction, we become out of balance. As young children, our primary social interaction is through direct contact with our parents and close family members. As we mature, almost all of us develop friendships with individuals outside of our family s social circle. Friendship is essential in helping us maintain a healthy balanced life.

How we meet friends, and how we interact with them, has been changing over the years as online social media communities have been created. For those living a raw food lifestyle and using the Internet to connect with like-minded others, you have no doubt realized there is a strong and growing virtual raw food community online. It s a large tribe, of sorts, where we are able to wander from website to website, meeting others and creating friendships together. (Be sure to join Pure Jeevan s Facebook page to connect with other Pure Jeevan family members.)

As happens in many close communities, both physical and virtual, there can sometimes be tension and misunderstandings. I ve seen some incredibly beautiful online friendships come to an end. I ve also seen and experienced friendships in the physical world ending after much discord. Although there are many reasons why friendships don t last, in many instances the issue starts with the definition of ?friendship,? and our expectations of what a friend ?should? and ?shouldn t? be and do within that friendship. So, we like to draw your attention to friends and friendship, to consciously think about your definitions and expectations, and openly discuss these concepts with your friends.

What is a friend and what expectations do we have about friendship? If you ask that question of 100 people, you re bound to hear a variety of answers. You see, we all have individual ideas of, and expectations about, those we consider friends and what friendships ideally look like. Tensions can sometimes arise when two friends have completely different ideas about friendship. There is no right or wrong, of course. We all simply have different ideas and needs when it comes to personal friendships.

For me, a friend is someone I meet (either in person, or on the Internet ? for, in both places we are still real people) and we both feel a connection and genuinely like each other. The friendships I have are as varied as the individuals I consider friends. I have some very close friends who are like family; we all care for one another and share what s happening in just about all aspects of our lives. I have many online friends with whom I ve gotten together in person (creating an even stronger friendship), and I also have a lot of casual friendships.

I don t expect my friends to be in constant contact with me, to follow what I am doing on a daily basis with my life. The most I expect is that they respect me and have a genuine and caring interest in me as a person. I can go a very long time without talking with friends and then reconnect with them and it s just as wonderful as it was the first time we met.

For me, friendships span the test of time and distance. When there s a connection, I feel it forever (even if the friendship ends for some reason).The people I love, I will always love. And that love flows over here to this site, as well. When I say I love you, when I blow virtual kisses to you and tell you how happy I am you are in my life, I mean it. You are all a part of my community, my friends and family. You bring a lovely balance to my life and fulfill that innate desire for connection. I hope I fulfill some of your requirements for friendship, as well.

Friendships can be as complicated, or uncomplicated, as you make them. Opening up to others, openly sharing what we are looking for and requiring, isn t always an easy thing to do. It s especially not easy for most people when they are first getting to know someone and are developing a new friendship. It is precisely at this point, however, when the foundation of friendship is being built. If we push beyond feeling vulnerable about the potential of being rejected, and we honestly share our definitions and expectations for what friendship is with each other, a strong base for a lasting and nourishing friendship can be created.

What about you? What is a friend and what do you require out of your friendships? Do you prefer only a few very close friends with whom you can regularly connect and share your life with? Do you prefer mostly general acquaintances with whom you can have more variety with in your life? Are you finding it easy or difficult to make new friends? I d love to hear your thoughts on this very important aspect of a balanced and healthy life.

Lots of love to you,