I'm sprouting some quinou (sp ) and it's just too cute. I love those little tails. :-) I'll probably use it in a salad. I sprouted it because I really don't like eating so many nuts for protein and I know it's loaded with a lot of things other than just protein. I'll see if I like it in my diet (I've liked it in the past when I was raw), or not. I just don't like the heavy feeling anymore from some foods. The nuts yesterday followed by the bread was just too heavy and it makes me feel tired and dragging the next day.

My computer is still going to be days away from being fixed. Everything has to be stripped from it and I'll probably lose a lot of information. I'm mostly bummed about losing all my old email that I had saved for different reasons.



small amount of leftover nut mixture that I made into balls and dehydrated yesterday

homemade salsa with a few baked chips

leftover potato, leek, kale soup

too much bread and vegan butter