I had a cherimoya for the first time about two years ago. It was creamy, sweet, and oh so delicious. I looked in the stores for them, but when I was finally able to locate a place that sold them, they were between $6-$8 each! These things aren't big like cantaloupes, either--they are slightly bigger than an orange. So, I never bought one...that is, until last night.

My daughter and I opened it up, waiting for that texture and flavor we fell in love with, but I guess this one wasn't all the way ripe. The seeds were large and there were a whole lot of them--I don't remember the original one having so many seeds. The flesh wasn't as creamy, either, so it must not have been perfectly ripe. It was sweet and exotic-tasting, but just not what we had waiting for and wanted.

So, we collected all of the white flesh, removing the seeds, and dumped it into the VitaMix with some frozen bananas, an orange, some fresh pineapple slices, some almonds, some coconut creme, ice and water and blended it all up. It was good, very tropical-tasting, but not anything I'd like to make again. I saved some out for my husband, because I think it's a flavor he'll really like.



I'm feeling okay, but a bit sluggish and puffy. My eyes are a bit dry since yesterday, but I did a lot of computer work the past few days and that could make my eyes a bit dry probably.

I fear that now that I'm not taking that Metformin anymore, my moods are changing. I now get snappy about things again--with intense bursts of anger from time-to-time. :-( That all faded away when I was on the Met. Once I see the doctor in October, maybe she'll be able to help me regulate everything without medicine. I hope, since I really don't like being like that. :-/



I am learning that I need to put library due dates on my calendar, so that I don't get hit with late fees and lose the ability to renew the books I've so carefully selected for my raw learning. I have to give all of my borrowed library books back today, so I won't be able to get them out again until I'm back from my vacation.



* Tropical smoothie (cherimoya, banana, pineapple, orange, almonds, coconut creme

* Leftover Indian veggies converted to Thai seasoning with coconut creme and basil

* Slice of pizza without crust (not organic)

* Popcorn with butter

* small cup of lemonade