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***** DISCLAIMER: As with all of our posts here at Pure Jeevan, and particularly those tagged with a new term, "Nadi Balance," please refer to the disclaimer that runs at the bottom of all Pure Jeevan pages. Wendi and Jim are health researchers, educators, and extreme self-experimenters, not doctors. ******

Nadi Balance: Part V

As we've previously shared, it is through questioning and research (and experimentation) that we were able to heal Wendi's body from chronic Lyme disease. Although we are still intently focusing on the research and information we've been collecting, there's one thing we've learned that we'd like to share with all of you now:

>>>>> Health is a delicate balancing act! <<<<<

We have a full realization that balance is best. Too much or not enough water, vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. can easily throw a body off balance. A healthy body, with fully functioning organs, is continually rebalancing itself and keeping the body in homeostasis ("The ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes." ~American Heritage Dictionary.)

Maybe some of you are thinking: "What's the big deal? Everyone knows that the body needs to be balanced. Doctors are continually running various tests to see whether their patients are within healthy ranges for various things." This is true. However, the Lyme experience taught us that when someone feels healthy, and doctor tests come back showing general health, there could still be a previously unknown imbalance within the body, which could eventually lead to ill health and disease. For example, medical doctors commonly turn to various blood tests to help make diagnoses. While these tests are certainly valuable, we've learned that the blood is more complex than most people realize -- and, for example, that it can actually compensate for various conditions. In other words, just because a blood test shows no problems, that doesn't necessarily mean there are none. More about that later on.

Our point today is that, when the body is no longer able to maintain homeostasis, diseases can and do develop. Diseases don't always come about from the same imbalance, however. So, healing can't always come from the same remedies, protocols, dietary changes, etc. In essence, what works for one will not always work for for others. In fact, one person's medicine / cure can be another's poison / demise.

We don't yet have a full understanding of the reasons behind something we're about to share. However, it's important to share, anyway, since it relates directly to part of Wendi's healing, and to the point we've just made, above. It's somewhat difficult to explain. However, perhaps if we introduced the metaphor of a see-saw, it may help illustrate the point.

Imagine that perfect health is represented by ball balanced perfectly in the middle of a see-saw, and that, depending on which way that see-saw begins to dip, this indicates the potential for your health to roll toward the end of that see-saw (which would be very bad). So, you want to keep your see-saw balanced, okay? Now imagine that there are two drastic ways in which to unbalance your see-saw -- one heading toward a heart attack, the other heading toward cancer. In essence, we determined that Wendi was heading toward the heart attack side. Her consistently elevated pulse and blood pressure were alarmingly high and becoming worse. She was on no medication or herbal protocols at the time, and her diet consisted of simple, easy-to-digest raw vegan meals. It was scary to see her elevated numbers because we knew what they meant. She was headed toward a heart attack (especially with a history of heart trouble). No one's pulse and BP can remain that high for very long without the heart giving out.

We closely examined her daily routine to see what could possibly be causing her heart to work so tirelessly. We knew that her body was struggling to rid itself of the Lyme bacteria. However, what was going on in her body seemed to be beyond what we had learned happens in the bodies of those dealing with chronic Lyme. After our evaluation, we realized that she was, indeed, supplementing her body with something that most raw gurus recommend for all individuals, regardless of their state of health. Some of you probably guessed it by now: Enzymes.

As you know, enzymes are generally regarded as extremely healthy and good for keeping the body clean, functioning well, aiding in digestion, and even ridding the body of bacteria and foreign matter. Sounds ideal for overcoming Lyme, doesn't it? Well, they may in fact be beneficial to most individuals, including some dealing with Lyme disease. However, they were pushing Wendi's body extremely off balance. Not until she ceased taking the enzymes did her body regain a bit more balance. Her pulse and heat rate returned to normal within three days of stopping the supplemental intake of digestive and systemic enzymes.

Please note: Rather than take from this message that enzymes are unhealthy for the body, remember what we stated prior to sharing Wendi's experience with enzymes: One person's medicine can be another's poison. Enzymes are, in fact, beneficial for digestion. However, supplementation may not be good for all individuals. Perhaps many on the Standard American Diet could benefit from extra supplementation. However, excessive enzymes in the body can actualy do more harm than good. Again, we're still trying to fully understand what we've been learning. We don't share this information to caution you about enzymes. Rather, we share it to educate you about balance and about how balance is a matter of individual physiology.

We know that much of what we are sharing may sound vague at times, incomplete at others. But we hope you'll understand that we're not truly at a point of full understanding and capable of explaining the complexities behind the science and experimentation we've been immersed in (understanding cell biology seems to be key in determining what was going on with the enzymes and Wendi's body). That is our goal, however -- deep understanding of this dynamic system and a capability to educate others about it, as well as about what their individual "see-saws" look like. We've accomplished this for ourselves already! We more or less know the "hows," but the process now of learning the "whys" will take some time. We've been learning directly from some natural health scientists, so we believe the "whys" will be revealed as venture along this exciting frontier of Nadi Balance!

Today's message: Sometimes we blindly believe something to be true for ourselves because it has been shown to be true for others. Balance and individual physiology should always be at the heart of true health.

Coming up next: Fruits of our labor!

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***** DISCLAIMER: As with all of our posts here at Pure Jeevan, and particularly those tagged with a new term, "Nadi Balance," please refer to the disclaimer that runs at the bottom of all Pure Jeevan pages. Wendi and Jim are health researchers, educators, and extreme self-experimenters, not doctors. ******

Original Comments

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On May 6, 2010, debbiedoesraw wrote:

I totally relate! I found that over enzyming seemed to make my digestive system completely wonky.. once I stopped them and used fermented food I got back to normal..
Every person is different. There is no 'one size' when it comes to food and supplements!
xo deb

On May 6, 2010, TerriDactyl wrote:

Wow! This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for explaining in complete detail and going very slowly. It's allowing me to GET IT.

I liked the part about how the blood itself was amazing, and that blood doesn't always tell the story because it compensates the best it can. I so get that. And I imagine that is true of every sytem within the body. Otherwise how could we do what we do to our bodies and not feel absolutely terrible immediately.

Keep it comin' Wendi and Jim.

On May 6, 2010, lonedoggy wrote:

Allergic foods can cause your pulse/blood pressure to rise. I was allergic to digestive enzymes that I took and called the company and though it said on the bottle it was gluten free, the company told me when I asked them, that there was a small amount of gluten from malt in it and I was probablt highly sensitive. Check into the coca pulse allergy test and I would really recommend that Wendy get food allergy tested. Even raw foodies can be allergic/intolerant to nightshades,veggies/nuts/seeds etc. and eating them can cause inflammation in the body and other heart/pulse issues as well. PS I would love to see you do an IgG food allergy test and if you test allergic to something see if that makes your blood "sticky" or if you investigate the blood type diet (Dr. D'Adamo) and see if you eat the wrong foods for his diet per your blood type if your blood gets "sticky" using the microscope.

On May 8, 2010, secretivegardener wrote:

For a while I was interested in systemic enzymes that were being regularly touted as being extremely beneficial to health by some raw food leaderss. They were very expensive. But I could not find a complete list of ingredients because of "proprietary" interest, etc. Finally, I found a complete list from another party that sells the same enzymes. I found out there is soy in these enzymes, something I strictly avoid. Of course I did not buy them and am very glad I did the leg work before doing so.

I understand protecting one's product. But at the same time, I have to protect myself and learned from this situation that if I cannot find out exactly what is in something then it is best to avoid it.