I'm leaving in two days and I'm really excited about the trip. I'm not too excited about the eating part of the trip, though. I'll try to eat as healthy as I can, but we might have a hard time finding fresh organics while we are away. I know my husband wants to eat out for every meal, but I just don't want to do that. I've already been eating a lot of cooked things the past few days and it's making me feel sluggish and a bit tired. Having the pizza and the soda the one day really made me drop down in my energy level a lot. If I eat cooked, unhealthy food for the two weeks that I'm away, it's going to be difficult getting my energy back when I return. I'm bringing my juicer and VitaMix so that if I can find some healthy fruits and veggies I can at least start my days with a nourishing juice or smoothie.



* Vegan muffin (not organic) with cup of herbal tea

* Raw lunch (tomato herb salad with chopped fresh Kale)

* Pasta with LOTS of garlic basil pesto

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On August 31, 2006, whatdoyoueat wrote:

don't beat up on yourself too hard if you don't follow your ideal diet while travelling. I wasn't able to even get close to how i wanted to eat! just remember, every meal is a choice! good luck!

On September 13, 2006, Wendi Dee wrote:

Thanks. :-) I did okay and definitely consciously made my choices. I'm looking forward to eating better now that I'm home again, though!