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Day 6: Today is the final day of placing extra focus on the feminine qualities attributed to Goddess Lakshmi. For me, going within, shining light on the things that aren't so clear, the things that I've been avoiding, or the things that have been completely invisible is something I've revisited off and on my entire life. It's something that I often recommend to friends and family, as well. It's what has allowed me to continually improve my life (both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually), and something I'll always consider vital.

The more we search within for answers, the more we'll learn about our true selves. The more we understand ourselves, the more authentic we become in our interactions with others. The more authentic we are with others, the more others can feel comfortable around us. The more others become comfortable around us, the more they can experience their own authentic selves. And the more others experience their true selves, the more we all wake up and truly begin living a life of beauty, grace, vibrancy, and love.

Celebrating Navratri is a beautiful way of getting in touch, on a deeper level, with our feminine qualities. It's a beautiful way of pausing for nine days to slow down a bit, go within, and acknowledge that we are so very beautiful, powerful, compassionate, and loving.

If you haven't been taking the time to notice some of the qualities I've been mentioning over the past six days within yourself, I hope you'll pause for at least a few moments and do so now. Celebrate your feminine energy, whether you are female or male, and celebrate that same energy in those around you. When we can all recognize the same energy, the same beautiful qualities, in each and every human being we will be closer to realizing we truly are all one.

I'm sending lots of love to all of you!