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Here's part two of Wendi's travelogue from Sedona:

After leaving ChocolaTree Cafe, and interviewing the lovely Kelly, we went to the famous Sedona Airport vortex spot, but there was no parking, so we drove to the top of the rock/mountain and there was a farmer's market going on. We took a quick video of what was happening up there, to share on the blog. There was a cool musician playing: Vighas Kendzia, who plays piano, native flutes, sax, and more. He's from and I told him he'd be on our site. So, if you made it here to check out the video, welcome, Vighas! :-)

From there, we headed out to find a vortex spot that Kelly described. I'm not sure if we found the exact spot, but we really enjoyed the place we found. We ate our lunch there and it was DELICIOUS! The water, the trees, the large boulders, the fresh was a very special place. We then drove to one of the more well-known hiking/vortex spots: Bell Rock.The hike in is a bit over a mile, then there is the climbing (which isn't really recommended by the park officials, but it's absolutely necessary to fully experience Sedona!). I gave KDcat some space to explore the area a bit on her own, as this was a very special time for me a few years ago. There is a certain energy and cleansing that happens when visiting Sedona. If any of you are going through changes in your lives, or feel like there is a shift that needs to happen, I highly recommend visiting Sedona for a few days. KDcat felt some powerful personal healing, which didn't surprise me at all. It's a place I'd love to visit every few years, or so, as it definitely holds some sort of healing energy. Maybe it's just the views, or the peacefulness of being away from everything. Whatever it is, I highly recommend visiting Sedona and climbing around on the rocks!

Some of you know about my love of Sedona, AZ, especially those who were following the Pure Jeevan blog a few years ago. It was a visit to Sedona in 2008, for a Raw Spirit Festival, that my life dramatically changed once again. This time it wasn't the food that was healing me, but it was related to the raw food lifestyle. I felt healed on many levels while there in Sedona, surrounded by the beautiful red rocks, cool and sandy earth beneath my bare feet in contrast to the warm sun on my skin, and embraced by a vibrant, loving community of like-minded individuals.
There's a certain magic to Sedona, if you believe in such things (well, I suppose it's there even if you don't believe). ;-) ?For me, I believe that we can many times find scientific reasons to explain much of the magic in this beautiful world, but that doesn't have to diminsh the experiences we have. Sedona is known for its powerful vortex energy, which has a way of stirring up our own energy systems and bringing about healing, balance, awakenings, etc. ?Is this energy measurable through science, or is it more metaphysical in nature? I don't know and to be honest, it doesn't matter to me. There were life-altering changes that took place while I was in Sedona in 2008 which rippled out beyond me and touched the lives of those very close to me, as well.

Here's a quick video of a Sedona Farmer's Market and a clip of KDcat and I at an area we claimed to be flowing with vortex energy, even though it wasn't necessarily one of the more touristy vortex destinations.

It was in Sedona, during that 2008 visit, that I first met the president of Natural Zing, Jeff Rose. My friend Rawbin had mentioned to Natural Zing that I was a passionate raw foodie with an awesome raw web site who wasn't able to manage attending the Raw Spirit Festival because of budgetary restraints. Well, Jeff and his wife, Helen, invited me to be a part of the festival in exchange for briefly checking on their booth during the event to tidy up things and put out more samples of raw food treats (and Rawbin shared her room at the festival with me!). Little did I know I'd be meeting a life-long friend, let alone someone whom I'd be sharing with all of our Pure Jeevan family, as well. But, that's what happened. I met Jeff and felt like I knew him my entire life (later I met Helen and felt the same way!). He's an honest, down-to-earth, witty, compassionate, loving person who wants to spread the word about the healing benefits of raw foods just as much as I do.

The time I spent with Rawbin and Jeff was priceless. With them, and others, I laughed, cried, played, and danced myself healed on so many levels beyond my physical body. I was reborn again, waking up fully healed from emotional trauma that even years of ?therapy didn't fully remedy. I returned home a different person and Jim was faced with meeting someone he hadn't fully known in over 20 years. This is where the ripple effect of the vortex energy comes in. It was after I returned that Jim was able to go through his own transformation and healing. It wasn't an easy time for him, or for us as a couple, but big changes and growth are necessary if we want to be fully alive and vibrantly experiencing this beautiful life we have.

I have a deep gratitude and love for Rawbin, Jeff Rose, and Natural Zing. My life wouldn't be the same without them. As a result, Jim's life wouldn't be the same, and Pure Jeevan wouldn't be the same, either. Once I returned from Sedona that year, Jim became a full partner here at Pure Jeevan. Natural Zing became a bigger supporter of our site and what we're doing, as well.

So, now you know a bit about my love of Sedona and Natural Zing. You'll continue to hear about Natural Zing, of course, because not only is the company run by fantastic people, honestly run, filled with love for the planet, passionate about raw lifestyle education, and extremely generous in many ways, but they're our sponsor for this cross-country tour! So, please show them some love in return and check out their site and all they have to offer for those of us here in the raw food community. Be sure to tell them I spoke highly of them, too. It feels great to know how much we're appreciated by others! You can click on their banner, below, to check out their site!

I know this wasn't my usual travel post, but this particular location is dear to my heart and it didn't feel right to not mention how special it is to me.

Lots of love to all of you!



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More to come: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois!

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