Whoa, Pure Jeevan's Back?!

2016 update: Aha, you noticed?! Welcome. Yes, we wanted to bring the site back online again, mainly because it's so packed with articles and information. It will be a work in progress for some time, as we changed web platforms and all sorts of tech stuff. So, a lot of links are hard-coded to old Wordpress-style links... just awful. But, in time we'll get all of it back in shape. For now, enjoy clicking around and reading!

Guess what's pulling into Pittsburgh tomorrow evening? Here's a hint (if you don't already know after reading the title of this blog post!):

That's right! The Kale Whale, the RV being driven by Kevin Gianni and his lovely wife, Annmarie, will be here in Pittsburgh this weekend! Kevin and Annmarie are kicking off their Kale Whale tour here, so I hope if you can make it you'll stop by to hear Kevin speak on Sunday! Here's information on where the gathering will take place:

Location: Peaceburgh Micro Media Labs, 134 S. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, (412) 661-7074
Price: $5.00 per person (charged by the venue, not the Giannis)?
Date: Sunday, February 22nd
Time: 12:00 PM
Bring: Please be sure to bring a fun and delicious raw food dish to share with the crowd.