The lara bars are convenient for when I'm going to be out and I might get hungry. I just don't like that they aren't organic. They are made from things that I can easily make, so I might try to recreate them sometime in the near future to take with me when I'll be away from the house.

* protein smoothie: banana, oj, mango, lots of hemp protein powder

* small handful of "candied" nuts

* kale avocado salad

* lara bar

* pintos cooked with chopped veggies and eaten with lettuce


I forgot the magnesium drink last night and I woke up with cramps and heavy bleeding. So, I made a cup of it first thing in the morning and it took away the cramps *and* heavy bleeding! I need to remember to tell a dear friend to try this, too. I am having it again this evening, hoping to wake up feeling okay since I have a big computer job to work on tomorrow.