I'm taking lots of the supplements, now. My period started yesterday within a few hours after taking the iron. I don't know it if was from the iron, the magnesium the night before, or just not related to supplements at all. Anyway, I now have my period, so I'm happy for that.

Here's what I'm eating today:

* small amount of cantaloupe pureed up with some ice

* fresh raspberries

* three brazil nuts

* Matt Amsden's recipe for guacamole eaten with blue corn chips--Matt's my new boyfriend and I love him so very much. I think he's brilliant! My husband doesn't mind, either--he thinks Matt is awesome, too. :-P

* shake that I didn't think about before making and it wasn't so great--made of banana, carob, orange juice

* lightly cooked Trader Joe's frozen mixed veggies cooked with coconut oil and Indian spices

* three brazil nuts

* glass of OJ

I have a list on my fridge to check off the supplements each day until it becomes a habit.