We bought the raw hemp organic protein powder and it's great. There's no taste to it, and only a slight texture left behind when using it full strength (2T per person). Today I made the second smoothie with it and everyone likes it. My daughter dislikes the green color left behind, though, and says she'd rather the chalky vegan nonsoy protein powder she's been used to using. I was surprised my husband agreed to taste it, but he's been surprising me so much about foods and eating lately! :-) I just hope it really gives me enough protein, since the doctor said I need to get a lot more than I've been getting.



I'm feeling less tired, just a tiny bit, but still noticeable. I had another migraine (that makes three this week, I think ?) that is most likely coming from my period. There's a small chance it's one of the supplements, though. Last night under my eyes was really dark and sunken in (like when I took the Metformin) and I was hoping I'm not giving my liver too much work by adding these supplements. I drank a whole lot of water, too, just in case it was coming from dehydration.

So far I'm taking daily iron, B12, magnesium, protein powder, chromium, and trying to add more flax oil and ground seeds, coconut oil (or baby coconuts, which I've been out of this week), and trying to eat more frequently to minimize the sugar ups and downs. I'm also supposed to be meditating every day, but I haven't gotten completely into the habit of doing this again.



Reading new raw foods books, off and on. Really, this month my focus is not on raw foods--it's on NaNoWriMo (or supposed to be!).



* protein shake with oj and mango

* yummy salad husband made

* sesame shake with carob, dates, agave, hemp protein

* Indian food --all cooked and not organic