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To help keep all of you inspired, we ve asked some

remarkable individuals to share their raw food stories with you. Enjoy!

About six years ago I was diagnosed with a dead (non-functioning) thyroid. I thought it was about me getting older. I was getting more and more tired and really attributed it to getting older. Well, after about a year and a half I went to a specialist who put me on every dose range possible -- from the lowest, going all the way up to the highest.

Since going raw 10 months ago, I've been back to him 3 times. The first time he was amazed at how my numbers had changed - for the good! He questioned what other meds I was taking. None doc. Yours is it.

"What foods are you eating " Just fruits and veggies doc.

"Nah, that shouldn't have anything to do with these numbers."

Um, okay. So he cuts my meds in half. Six weeks later I go back. Same questions. Same answers. Oh - this time I tell him I'm drinking green smoothies. Same answer regarding foods should have nothing to do with the numbers. Well then why are you asking me? Mind you. He's short, fat, and bald. I don't put a whole bunch of trust in his diet choices.

Cuts my meds in half again. He claims I'm hypERthyroid now. I was on a pretty high dose before starting raw. (I can't remember, something like 275? Is that possible? I honestly can't remember. I know it was 200 something.) Then I go back a third time. Yeah, you got the drill. My numbers have improved, he cuts my meds. This time he didn't even bother to ask about meds or foods - he's learning.

I went back today. As we were walking back to his office I ask him how he is, he's fine. He asks me how I am. I'm fine I say. No you're not says he. Why? He says "you're still showing hypERthyroid numbers."

I'm giggling to myself and as we get ready to sit down in his office I say to him, "Hey doc - I got an idea. How about if I go totally off the meds and come back say in two months and you read me again? I mean you're reading my meds right now, right "

"WHAT ??" was his response after he picked his jaw up off the floor.

So I repeat, "You're just reading my meds right now, aren't you "

"Well, uh, yes, actually I could be." So he took me off, reassuring me that when I come back I'm gonna feel not so good, in fact so much that we may have to start all over again with the meds. "You're okay with that, right " he's asking me.

I say to him, "Well, you know, I could come back here feeling REALLY good, 'ya know "

"Well, yes", he chuckles, "you could feel good. But you let me know if you start feeling bad, okay "

I say to him that I'm glad I feel THIS way as opposed to how I felt a year ago. He says that being hypER has it's bad points too, such as osteoporosis and heart conditions. He doesn't realize just how healthy I am.

I'm not gonna feel bad. He's gonna feel bad when he realizes he's lost a patient. Well, no, not really, he'll have fifteen other poor souls that will take my place in line as one of his patients.

I am so stoked that I have met my goal in less then a year! Any thing else will be secondary to these TWO monumental healings that raw food has done for me, the first being my migraines gone after 53 years of suffering and my life being destroyed by them. Even migraines meds did nothing for me. And now my thyroid curing/healing itself by eating raw.

How simple. How beautiful! HOW HEALING RAW IS!!!

Update: I went back to my doctor this morning and I have done so well with my "progression" that I am no longer his patient. My numbers are showing a perfectly functioning thyroid, and if I need to come back, then to do so -- meaning if I start feeling poorly, then come back. I don't believe I will see him again, as a patient, that is. YAY!!! So, with that said - anyone who has ANY doubts that raw is not healing, I am living proof. Our bodies are very forgiving, healing, and amazing machines!!

--by Lucy Brandt

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On April 8, 2009, tinaintheraw wrote:

Lucy luv! What an inspiration you are! You are beautiful and amazing...congrats on kicking the meds to the curb. Love it!

Hugs, Tina

On April 8, 2009, Smita wrote:

Wow awesome testimonial! I like the last sentence, our bodies are very forgiving, healing and amazing machines. I'm going to keep that in mind!

On April 9, 2009, Lois Kubota wrote:

This is so inspirational to me as I sit here feeling grump and sorry for myself. This is such an encouragement to me. Great story.

On April 9, 2009, Sunshine wrote:

SO glad you featured one of my favorite raw peeps! :D I have nothing but love for Lucy & even though I already knew her story, it continues to inspire me to this day! :D