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Did you know that approximately 70% of your muscle, 80% of your blood is water, and 85% of your brain is made up of water? When we are born, we are nearly 90% water by weight, and as we age we lose more and more water (think of a grape slowly shriveling up into a dried raisin).

If you consume 100% fresh raw foods (with none that have been dried or dehydrated in any way), your body is receiving the cleanest, most pure water possible and you probably don't experience a lot of thirst. The less fresh foods an individual consumes, the more their needs for water increases.

Many individuals overlook their need to keep their bodies hydrated, and some confuse the body's signals and feel the need to eat when their bodies are really asking for hydration. This can lead to obesity problems, among other possible health concerns.

What about you? Are you consuming primarily fresh, water-rich fruits and vegetables? If you aren't, how are you making sure your body stays hydrated? Are you thirsty? What beverages do you choose to drink when you are feeling thirsty?

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On June 9, 2011, Jim wrote:

I've noticed that, when eating cooked foods, I drink water excessively. Yet, when I eat raw meals, I'm not as thirsty. However, overall, I've come to feel that I should be drinking a lot more water than I actually do. I think there is something wrong with my sense of thirst.

On June 11, 2011, bitt wrote:

When I first heard of raw foods, many many years ago, there was a poster on the wall of a raw restaurant that said if you eat raw foods you will not need to drink water because there is plenty of liquid in fresh fruit and veggies. I get really concerned when people take this to heart. Most people are still too dehydrated to do that and there are environmental factors that dehydrate us. I think it's dangerous to think "I eat raw foods, I don't need to drink as much water", especially in the beginning when a lot of detox is happening.