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2016 update: Aha, you noticed?! Welcome. Yes, we wanted to bring the site back online again, mainly because it's so packed with articles and information. It will be a work in progress for some time, as we changed web platforms and all sorts of tech stuff. So, a lot of links are hard-coded to old Wordpress-style links... just awful. But, in time we'll get all of it back in shape. For now, enjoy clicking around and reading!

We've spent the past three days focusing on the core subject of critical importance in the raw food lifestyle -- the FOOD! However, as most people will agree, it's also about so more than "just the food." Here at Pure Jeevan, we've always made a point to stress the holistic nature of our philosophy (mind, body, spirit, emotions), and we'll certainly continue to do that.

The Raw Spirit Festivals also do a magnificent job of illustrating this point. While they do offer *spectacular* raw foods and presentations centered around raw foods, you'll also find music, dancing, yoga, and other uplifting recreational activities all day long!

While at RSF East, I had the chance to meet Michelle Pierson, a name I'd known from this blog, from Twitter, and Facebook. It's always such fun to turn online friends into "real" friends -- and that happens all the time at RSF events! It's really like attending a reunion or something.

I was intrigued to learn that Michelle is really into Capoeira, a Brazilian art form that incorporates martial arts, dance, music, and more into a single activity. I'd never even heard of this until a few months back when I was listening to something from Sergei Boutenko, another raw foodie who's into it. So, we got to talking about it and, in no time, I knew I had to capture some of Michelle's enthusiasm about Capoeira for Pure Jeevan blog readers.

It was actually a funny scene that day... I'd asked Michelle to do a Capoeira demo and, at first, she was a little hesitant. So, I turned off the camera so we could discuss it further and she immediately proceeed to give an absolutely perfect 10-minute summary of the sport, complete with a thorough history and explanation of it as well as a demonstration of some signature moves, kicks, and take-downs. I said, "Michelle! You should have let me film that... It was perfect!" Another guy we were hanging with, Brent Nelson, enthusiastically agreed. So, Michelle said we could reshoot it right then -- and the result is the video posted above.

So, here's another angle on raw foods that I think you'll really appreciate. Behold the raw energy of Michelle Pierson, capoeirista extraordinaire!

To find Michelle online, just visit any of these pages:

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On September 9, 2009, MichellePierson wrote:

Wow! Thanks Jim, that turned out fantastic. Better than I thought. xo

On September 1, 2010, Savings Account wrote:

well that's some nuts stuff