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Jim here... When you consider the agricultural and marketplace practices that affect the food we eat (e.g., pesticide use in the fields, widespread irradiation afterward, and the contamination of produce from various sources -- not to mention some of the disturbing potentialities we face in terms of further governmental intervention into the food chain), it leads one to the conclusion that, if we really want to eat the best food ever, growing it yourself is a great solution. It's also cheaper to grow your own and, in my opinion, more fulfilling than purchasing it (if you have the time and space to manage it, that is).

With all of these concerns (and more) in mind, we've launched a new series of interviews called "Know the Growers" in which I'll be interviewing organic farmers around the world on best practices in the field. Initially, we'll be publishing them every few weeks, most likely. Once we sell our home and are "full-time Pure Jeevan karma yogis," we'll be publishing them weekly (along with resuming our daily video series Know Your Food). I'll be publishing these organic farming interview transcripts on under their Citizen Journalist program.

In fact, the first interview, a three-part discussion with Myra Goodman, co-founder of Earthbound Farm -- perhaps the largest name in organic produce in America -- is already posted:

>> Here's a link to the complete interview, archived right here on <<

(Natural News has an article-length policy that requires longer pieces like these to be broken up into smaller chunks. So, we like to have our own archive where you can read the complete interview at once.)

Myra's got some great things to say about organic farming, so I hope you'll invest some time in reading it. I'm very grateful to her for spending two sessions with me to discuss some of the issues we covered. The title of the piece is taken from a point she made that I found particularly telling: Organic farming is a relationship with the land:

... what he had to drop with the switch to organic was the macho idea that he should be able to grow whatever he wanted wherever he wanted whenever he wanted to. Conventional growers had grown accustomed to using this arsenal of chemicals to fight off all the weeds, fight off the diseases, make something grow faster, whatever they needed to do to get whatever they wanted, when they wanted, where they wanted. With organic, it s more like a real relationship where you have to learn about your partner and work in harmony...

So, again, read through that interview when you get time and let us know what you think!

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We're big fans of Natural News here at Pure Jeevan, btw. If you're unfamiliar with that site, it's pretty much exactly what the name suggests -- independent coverage on natural health, natural living, nutrition, and more. They receive roughly 3 million visits per month! -- largely because it's run with uncompromising integrity by Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger. (Take a minute to follow that link, as Mike has an incredible story.) Here's a snapshot:

Mike Adams & Wendi Dee at Raw Spirit Festival 2008

So, that's the big news of the day here at Pure Jeevan!? Got a question you'd like answered by an organic farmer? Are you an organic farmer who'd like to be interviewed? Know an organic farming operation you'd like us to interview? Email Jim at Rawdiant [at] and we'll see what we can do to provide you with the information you want!

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On February 27, 2009, debbiedoesraw wrote:

Love this idea, you two are just doing some amazing work!
deep bows of gratitude
deb xoxoxo
PS does my square foot garden count as a farm? so I am an organic farmer?

On February 28, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

LOL Yes, Deb, you're officially an organic farmer. Could you talk for an hour about that square foot plot? Maybe I should interview you! Seriously, though, Wendi and I fully intend on obtaining land and producing as much of our own food as possible in the hopefully not too distant future. So, we have great personal interest in this area. And, on the practical side... as you know, raw foodies eat so much produce that it can become hugely expensive if you really want to commit to organic, as we do. So, it's a real win-win to be able to save money, learn and spread this knowledge, do the right thing in terms of environmental stewardship, enjoy peace of mind with respect to the food we're eating and our assurance that it's pure and untampered with, enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine, and also just stay in touch (quite literally) with the Earth.