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Jim here... Thought I'd post a pic from Wendi's birthday last Friday. Shown above is the "birthday cake" -- more of a birthday treat, really. If it looks decent to you, here's the recipe:

The "cake" part:


Into your food processor, toss:

* a couple handfuls of walnuts

* handful or two of raisins

* about 3/4 cup of shredded coconut

* some coconut oil (a tablespoon or so)

* handful of pecans

* agave nectar (maybe 2 tablespoons)

* several shakes of cinnamon

* few dashes of salt

Process for a minute or two, until it's all blended, sticky, and moist. Roll with a rolling pin into small thin (about 3/4" thick) pieces. With the lid of a mason jar, cut out round circle pieces -- like you'd do for cookies. Place on a dehydrator tray & dehadrate (at 105 degrees or less!) for 12 hours or so. While you have your dehydrator on, do up some banana chips & whatever else you like.

The "sauce" part:


For the sauce, I blended up a couple of oranges along with some frozen bing cherries. It's a pretty good "sauce" but is really more of a sweet relish.

The "ice cream" part:


?I was hoping to achieve a scoopable sorbet with this, but wound up with more of an icy frozen concoction (still very good, though). Here's what you do:? Cut the top, bottom, and skin off of a fresh pineapple. Toss into a Vitamix... Once it's pulverized, add a couple of frozen bananas and a cup or two of frozen strawberries. (Normally, this alone is an excellent smoothie!) Then, pour into a large container & place in the freezer overnight.

The "assembly" step:


Okay, we're to the "build it" stage... Place one of the dehydrated "cookies" on a plate. Ladle on some of the sauce (and yes, you MUST use a LADLE -- if only because ladles are so wicked cool). (Actually, use whatever... I just wanted to type "ladle." See, I typed it again !)? Then, you must build a platform to hold the "ice cream." I made a small circle of frozen bing cherries. Then do your best to make up a small "scoop" of the sorbet. Place atop the "circle of bing" in such a way as to facilitate optimum photogenic opportunities. Then garnish with some dehydrated banana chips!

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On April 30, 2008, Charissa wrote:

That does look nice. Ya'll are so creative! Do you mostly make up your own recipes or use lots of written recipes?

On May 2, 2008, Wendi wrote:

Thanks, Charissa!

In the beginning, we followed a lot of recipes for gourmet raw foods. We've never been ones to stick to a recipe, however. We're always teaking this, or that, to get the desired taste, look, feel for each individual dish. These days, we mostly just throw things together and then hope that we can figure out what we did if it turns out great! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Lots of love to you!!



On May 3, 2008, michelle wrote:

Looks like a good recipe to me! And Jim, your writing is hilarious. I'm enjoying going through your website and reading about your family's journey. Thanks so much for documenting everything & sharing!