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I'm feeling super sick to my stomach again. I looked up what I ate the night before I got sick likek this before, to see if there is anything similar to what I ate yesterday.

Here is what I ate yesterday, just for future reference.


carob coconut shake with hemp protein (I have this almost all the time, so it can't be this)

huge salad with veggies (lettuce, carrots, celery, sunflower seeds, pepitos, Brazil nuts, garlic powder, possibly some walnuts (can't remember), lemon juice, olive oil, flax oil)

zucchini hummus eaten with carrots, red and yellow peppers, small amount of blue corn chips

carob cashew nut milk (cashews, agave, carob, dash salt, vanilla)


From that, what stands out first is the zucchini. This time it was pureed, though. I just did some super quick research and some people are actually allergic to zucchini ! It sometimes causes stomach problems like I am having.

The next thing that doesn't really stand out much is the flax oil. I had that both days before I became sick. I looked it up and it says that sometimes larger doses can cause these symptoms. Well, I give myself large doses to make up for the days that I forget to have it, so it could be that.

The other thing that doesn't stand out, because I didn't consume it last time when I got sick like this, is the cashew. I read that some cashew allergies are overlooked because the only symptom is a stomach problem. When the people have been tested, however, it shows up that they are allergic to the cashew nut.

Of course, I'm hoping it's the flax oil, so that I can simply cut back on the amount I use and then all will be good. I wouldn't want to go without zucchini or cashews.