Today I am having a craving. Oh, no!! I haven't been having cravings this whole time I've been off the dairy, wheat, soy, sugar. I want pizza of all things. Egad! I don't even really care for pizza. So, I'm analyzing the whole thing. What is it that I really want when I want pizza? The salt, the oil, the texture, the sauce, the warmth, the smell. The whole damn thing I want! UGH. I'm not going to have it, of course. I figure I'm possibly experiencing PMS symptoms, so I ate some blue corn chips and that has helped a bit.

I didn't update in a few days. I don't even remember what I've been eating. It's all healthy, that's all I remember. I ate some salads, coconut shakes, beans, and I can't remember what else I had. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary from what I've been eating, though. AND, it certainly wasn't pizza! lol


carob shake without carob

huge salad (not organic) with sprouts and other veggies

leftover carob shake (small amount)

blue corn chips


I feel hungry, yet my stomach feels full. How can that be? It must be emotional, then? Hmm...I have no idea. Maybe I'll make a smoothie in a bit for myself if I still feel like eating something.