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End of day 4:

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and consume what my body was telling me it wanted: cooked, fermented rice and lentil pancakes. Well, the restaurant nearby that makes the Uthappam doesn't serve them until 5pm and it was lunch time. So, I ordered the simpler, steamed, fermented rice and lentil patties called Idli.

After eating three idli (they are small and very light) with a little bit of the lentil soup, I was immediately warm (most likely from the gentle warming spices in the soup) and felt great. Within half an hour, I was feeling energetic again. For now, even though I don't fully undersand it, 100% raw foods isn't working for my body.

As I learn more about what is going on, and why certain things work and others don't, I'll be sure to share here on the blog. What I learn may be very helpful to some of you in the future, or even now. And who knows, maybe you'll have some insight or experience to share with me that may shine a light on my own path of learning.

Day 5:

My energy continued through the evening and I felt pretty good. Since I have so many bananas in the house, I ate one for breakfast. Then later I had a home-made utthappam that was okay, but not fermented enough so my tummy is a bit bloated. The energy is here, however, and that is a wonderful thing!

For Navratri, I'm continuing to celebrate the immensely important female qualities that I hold within myself. Every year we celebrate Diwali in our home. During that celebration we light candles inside and outside our home, inviting the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi into the house and deep within ourselves. The candles represent the light we all have within, and the ability we have to shine that light into areas of our lives that maybe need a bit of wisdom, abundance, or a new beginning.

It's never too late to go within, find your feminine light, and look at things from a different perspective. We all have that ability, that gift or quality, within. Sometimes we get lost in the darkness, however, not using our ability to see there are things we can say, do, or create to make a positive change.

Be sure to go within yourself, full of grace and beauty, and allow your inner light to shine on the areas you are currently struggling with. You'll find that you have an inner strength that is quite peaceful, one that can comfort you and guide you to a solution to any problem you are currently facing. That is what I have been focusing on during these past five days, and what I will continue to shine light on in the future. Why be stuck in the dark, unhappy, sometimes feeling sorry for yourself when there is always a solution waiting for you to think up? You are strong, bright, beautiful, creative, and hold all the answers within yourself. I say this as much to you as I do to myself. For we are all on this journey together, all filled with such powerful energy that we can utilize to guide us through our lives.

I love all of you so very much!