Here we go! It's January and this is the first time I'll be charting my weight and pictures. I'm not comfortable sharing this info, yet, so these STATS posts will be locked until I feel ready to share them.

Okay, here's the info. I started off at 227 pounds. I am only 5'4" so imagine how much weight that was! I slowly started losing by eating the Insulin Resistance way (eating protein with high carb foods). Then I slowly started eating more and more fresh, uncooked foods. I don't know how long ago I was the 227 pounds, and I could have even been heavier than that at one point. I just know that when I saw that number on the scale one time, it made me freak out. How had it creeped up so much!

I have slowly--and I mean slowly--losing the pounds, so slowly that no one really noticed! I lost 51 pounds, as of today, and just about all of those who see me on a regular basis haven't even noticed. Those who only see me once in a while notice, though.

Here are the pics. Me at 176 pounds on January 1, 2007.