We are back together as a family again. It's good to have them home. :-)

The dehydrator arrived, so we'll be unpacking that and getting it to work very soon. I need to make crackers and breads to go with our meals, since that's what my husband and daughter seem to be wanting when we eat all raw. I do admit that I sure do love Amsden's onion bread used as a sandwich--so I'll be making that, for sure!



I'm feeling tired. I didn't sleep well last night--getting used to someone in the bed again. lol My husband was snoring, something that I just noticed had stopped when he was eating mostly raw foods. He definitely ate nothing raw while he was away and he was certainly tired from that long drive, so he snored most of the night. I tossed and turned and now I'm super tired.

My heart keeps giving me pains over the past three weeks, or so. It's kind of like an occassional muscle ache, but not too dull sometimes. I'm going to keep an eye on it and possibly talk with the doctor about it, again. I wish my heart problem was something that could be fixed with the raw foods, but it's not. I guess I don't really know that for sure, though. The body can do amazing things if given the right environment. So, I'll not say it won't fix the problem, I'll say I hope it will fix the problem.

My shoulder hasn't been hurting. My stomach is still feeling a little off since yesterday, but not nearly as bad. My eyes continue to feel dry, so I guess I'm not getting enough oil or omega 3s?



I was looking over some of the raw info I had printed out a few months ago. I'm thinking of collecting the raw recipes that we all enjoy and putting them all in one place, for when the new year starts.



coconut shake

small glass of OJ to take supplements

huge salad with carrots, celery, pepitos

two steamed idli with chutney and channa masala with a little bit of rice

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