They will be home late this evening, thus ending my alone time. :-) It's been nice--much nicer than I even thought it would be.

I feel sick to my stomach, however. I woke off and on all night long, starting at about 2am. I still feel very sick, as though I will vomit. I don't vomit easily, though, so I could be carrying this sick feeling around with me most of today. I'll only juice today, and possibly have a coconut shake to get some protein (hemp) in my diet. Right now I feel like I shouldn't eat anything at all.

Could not chewing the zucchini up very well cause all of this? I had a dream that I vomitted large chunks of lettuce and veggies, as though I hadn't even chewed them. Is this a symptom of detox? I don't think it is. Is it the mixture of the zucchini with flax oil and the coconut shake? Whatever it is from, I don't like feeling sick like this. :-(


1 juiced red and 1 juiced granny smith apple

small cup OJ

carob coconut shake

lots of water

steamed broccoli with daughter when she returned (thus begins the cooked food, ugh)