Here's a quick weekend update. I went shopping today and it cost us a whole lot, as usual. We came away with a fridge full of veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, too.

Anyway, while there I gave my daughter $10 to buy her "junk" for the week. She chose frozen waffles (we usually pay for these), sandwich cookies, jelly beans, wafers, nut ball, and a smoothie. She ended up spending more of her own money for this stuff, too, since it was over $10. These were all healthier versions of junk, but still not overly healthy. I wanted to see what she'd buy for her snacks if she had an allowance set aside for it. I was happy that she first asked, "So, you are still getting lots of fruit for snacks and that isn't counting, right " :-D She'll most likely have these snacks for about two weeks, or more, but we'll see.


* two pieces of carob coconut fudge

* two bananas (not eaten one right after the other, since bananas are filling to me)

* 3/4 avocado eaten with lemon juice and chat masala

* small piece of carob coconut fudge

* leftover parsley, tomato salad

* large piece of carob coconut fudge (on lazy days I eat too much junk like this)