I think I might try eating less fats. If I still desire them, however, I'll follow what my body is saying. I don't desire the nuts I eat, I desire the awesome tastes/dishes I make out of them. I rarely see nuts and seeds and want to eat them plain. So, maybe I'll try to find more tasty ways to eat dishes that don't include a lot (or any) nuts and see how I feel.

For now, I am asking myself about my precious baby coconuts. Do I still desire them as I did in the beginning? I don't get that physical happiness as much anymore, but I still certainly love eating them. I'll have to think about that for a while. For now, I'll still pick up the case that I have for this Sunday. I would hate to be without them and realize how much I desire them.

My overeating for those few days put me up two pounds, but they are gone already. However, that puts me behind by two pounds this month. :-/ Oh, well. It's all a learning thing, really. I did learn a lot--that I did, in fact, used to overeat at times to soothe myself. I see now that my body doesn't really desire that if there aren't opiates in the foods to medicate me.

I'm struggling with the whole protein issue. It makes so much sense that eating fruits and veggies, which contain small amounts of protein, will eventually equal enough in one day for a healthy body. There's all that learning, however, about protein being so important and a vital part of a diet. Not only that, there's the recent information that I learned about eating a balanced way with protein to offset higher carb foods in order to eleviate insulin resistance/PCOS problems. But, I don't desire the protein foods much. It's not like I'm wishing I had meat, meat substitutes, etc. I don't even crave dairy much and when I do, and I really ask myself what it is that I want from it, it's the salty, fatty flavor that I want.

Maybe I'll stick to my coconut shakes in the morning with the hemp protein and almonds, but then not add any more nuts/fats to my foods during the day and see how that makes me feel. I feel like I'm ready for a change, that I've reached a point where I'm starting to feel more sluggish and I need to change something in my diet. So, I'll start with cutting back on nuts and seeds (and therefore protein), checking to see if I feel better.

I wrote a list of foods from an article I read, foods that are supposed to help the body heal itself/be less stress on the body. I found it interesting that as I wrote those foods down, some of them really popped out as something my body would like to consume more of: lemons, apples, lettuce, celery. Three of the foods were less strong: grapefruit (which I don't really care for !), spinach, cabbage. I love onions, so I was surprised that onions didn't pop out at me. The things that didn't really seem very high on my list were: oranges, tomatoes (actually feel an aversion to the thought of a tomato, even though I eat them all the time), grapes, carrots (I never would have guessed that I wouldn't be drawn to carrots, since they are supposed to be so healing), beet greens. Those were the foods on the list and I'll try to consume a lot of the ones that were really popping out at me for the next week.

Now that I look over those that I had a strong feeling for, I can see them being a yummy juice: lemons, apples, lettuce, celery. I wonder if adding ginger to all of that would cause more work for my body? It looks like a drink that would be great with some ginger, too. :-D


* Carob coconut shake (young coconut meat and water, banana, three dates, three tablespoons carob powder, three handfulls almonds) *No hemp today, as I am out of it until tomorrow when I shop

* Carrot, tomato salad with onions and some walnut taco "meat"

* Carob coconut fudge (obviously not starting the lower fat day today!)