The skin on my face is changing. It's not as red as it used to be, but I am now able to see broken capillaries. Were they there all along and the red covered them up, or are they new? I'll have to look up what they mean (am I missing something in my diet ). I have been using coconut oil as my morning moisturizer--is that what is taking the red away somewhat? My skin is still very blotchy, however. But, maybe this is the start of my skin clearing up? I've been feeling like I'm going through a mild detox the past few weeks--stomach upsets (but this could be empathetic stuff because a sister was having problems), coated tongue some mornings, congested ears (more than normal), slightly runny nose off and on. 

My body shape continues to shift and change, looking more and more "normal" as the days go by. I think it's fascinating that even if my weight hasn't moved much, my shape is still changing. I think there really is a lot to be said for eating all raw, organic, vegan foods. I don't know if I'm going to say it's all that everyone has written about (so far, it's not), but it's definitely a positive change. I guess I'm mostly disappointed that I'm not bouncing off the walls with extra energy (and, again, this could be because I'm deficient in iron and B12). I do love the clarity I feel on most days, however, and feeling healthier from the inside out. It's worth giving up cooked food, for sure, especially since I can easily create meals that fill the desire to eat different foods if I'm really wanting something (like Indian, Thai, etc.).